The Internet of Things technology is wired in a way that it will usher in major changes as well as improvements in the way the world around us functions. The economics as well as basic structuring of the society we live in is set for undergoing these changes once the breakthrough technology of Internet of Things (IoT) will hit the markets. For those of who are not yet aware of what is IoT all about, consider the scenario where you are already in your car and you are driving towards your office yet being able to simultaneously check on the security system installed at your home! The Internet of Things technology connects the world around you into a common technological bubble; hence making life easier for all living beings.

Looking at the scope as well as reliability of the Internet of Things technology, there are several companies as well as startups which have already come up with their very own idea of IoT inspired products as well as services. These include products to enhance the security at your homes, better traffic control, improves sewage systems, improved healthcare in the form of wearable gadgets and smart pill bottles and last but not the least, saving electricity with the use of smart lightening systems. With companies and startups gearing to dive deep into the Internet of Things technology, let us take a look at some of the most bankable Internet of Things stocks.

IoT stocks to consider before making your next investment

• InvenSense (INVN)

You must be thinking that InvenSense is probably the least known company in this list, but given to its IoT idea it certainly deserves to be here! Specializing in sound and motion capturing, InvenSense comes into play when we are dealing with objects and devices which have to do with sensors in one way or the other.

Why invest in InvenSense stock? 

With the growth as well as outspread of the Internet of Things technology, there is going to be an ever- increasing demand for motion as well as sound sensors. This is the first and foremost factor which makes InvenSense (INVN) a great Internet of Things stock to invest in! Inc (AMZN)

Any list of Internet of Things stocks is incomplete without the mention of an ecommerce giant. Amazon is one of the best online shopping offers site who has come up with its one of a kind Wi-Fi connected product buttons, known as “Dash”. These buttons will bring in the feature of smart buying by automatically placing orders for products (including groceries) when they start running out of its stock at home! All you need to do is press the Dash button and the company will be notified that you want to refill the supply of that particular item at your home. Convenience at its best, right!!

Why invest in Inc stock?

Smart buying is one technological wonder which the world is surely going to need citing at the busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. Looking at the popularity of the ecommerce industry and a brand name as extravagant as, it is definitely a great Internet of Things stock to invest in.

• Control4 Corporation

Control4 Corporation is one of the leading players in the automation industry since more than a decade now. Particularly contributing into the smart home niche of the Internet of Things, it offers a variety of products which are of major use in the IoT smart home pscenario. Some of the most popular products of Control4 Corporation include wireless lighting control line appliances, lights, thermostats, blinds, garage doors, pools and spas, sprinkler systems, fireplaces and fans, which are all made in a way that it most appropriately compliments the home automation applications!

Why invest in Control4 Corporation stock?

Smart home is one particular niche which is going to benefit the most with the advent of the Internet of Things technology. What makes Control4 Corporation a good Internet of Things stock to invest in is the wide- spread use of its products in home- automation applications.