New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) IPOs

The 2011 IPO market isn’t finished yet, but the second half of December is usually slow. This means we can start taking a look at the highlights now. Here are some that pop out:

1. Largest deal: HCA Holdings at $4.35 bn in capital raised. It was followed by Kinder Morgan at $3.3 bn.

2. Leading IPO underwriter: so far, it’s Goldman Sachs, followed closely by Morgan Stanley – at IPO values of $5.1 bn and $5.07 bn, respectively. But, Morgan Stanley has underwritten 41 so far, to Goldman’s 31.

3. Largest IPO since July: Groupon, with $805 bn raised – after July, the IPO market seized up for several months, with only four deals in September and three in October. Thirty-nine IPOs have priced in the second half of this year.

4. Big field: the Groupon IPO had 11 banks underwriting it. Zynga has five.

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Source: MarketWatch