Running a business, no matter what size, can be a very expensive venture. But, there are many things you can do to help your business save money, which is going to mean more profits on the other end. You don’t have to go nuts and stop buying anything for your business, getting cut-rate supplies and equipment, etc. You just need to use the following tips to help you save money that can be used for more important areas of your business.

1. Recycle – If you have old equipment, ink cartridges, etc., don’t just throw them away. Recycle them. There are loads of companies that will you a discount on new equipment if you trade up and recycle rather than just buying new. You can also save money by printing on both sides of paper (not exactly recycling but close enough.

2. Use Laptops – Did you know that it costs a lot less to run a laptop than it does to use a desktop computer? Laptops use a lot less power, which means that not only are you saving energy, you will be saving money at the same time. If you really want to use desktop models, look at newer models that are more energy efficient than what you are currently using.

3. Use Window Seating – While it is not always possible for everyone to have a seat by a window, have as many employees sitting near windows as you can. The natural lighting is not only easier on the eyes, but it also helps improve one’s mood and helps you save money on energy bills.

4. Get Sponsors – If you are holding events, try to work with other businesses so they sponsor the events. When you do this, you can plan bigger and better events, because there is more money involved. You can also get a lot more press this way, which is only going to benefit your business in the long run.

5. Skills, not Experience – A lot of people have skills and training, but they lack experience, and can’t get hired. These are the employees you want. Because they have little to no experience, they are usually seeking entry-level salaries. Why pay someone who has the exact same skills more, just because they have a bit of experience, when you can pay less and give someone the experience they need?

6. Short-Term Office Leasing – If you don’t need a large office now, but will in a few months or even a year, it is a good idea to take advantage of short-term office leasing. You can save a lot of money because rates are usually lower, and you get what you need for the time being until you are ready to move up. Another option is to share office space with another company to save money.

7. Enjoy Tax Write-Offs – There are loads of things you can write off in your taxes, especially if your business is home-based. For instance, you can claim part of your rent/mortgage, utilities, etc. because you need them for your business. You can even claim part of house cleaning and lawn maintenance if customers go to your home.

Here are some tools you can also use to help your business save money:

  • Centage – Try this easy-to-use software to create the best budget for your business. Visit the site for a free demo.
  • Capshare – Use this tool to issue stocks and manage your equity all in one place without the need for a lot of paperwork.
  • EnergyStar – Learn more about energy efficiency programs and how to make your business more energy efficient so you can save money.