four ways to progress your career as a financial advisorAt IDEX Consulting LLP, we have found employers are looking for certain qualities in financial services professionals. We have outlined the four main ones for you in an article:

Business development skills

These skills include intelligence gathering, generating leads for possible sales, advising on drafting policies, and strategic analysis. Networking skills and interpersonal skills can also be invaluable.

Using social networking: How to gain contacts

Building networks can be done at conferences, or via email and social media. Specialist networking sites can also be invaluable. However, do not forget that successful networking is about building reciprocal relationships.

Getting ready for RDR and taking the long-term view

It is no longer possible to develop commercial skills at the expense of getting qualified. After RDR rules come in, employees will have to have Level 4 certification, or be severely limited in their careers.

Choosing your career path

Employers are impressed by professionals who know what they want and show ambition and drive.

Find out more now in our eGuide Four Ways to Progress Your Career as a Financial