Fintech companies have reached a tipping point and have pressed beyond the early stages of hype. According to the EY FinTech Adoption Index 2017, more than 20 markets are on the verge of mainstream adoption. The index notes that the adoption rate of fintech products has more than doubled since 2015—rising from 14.3% in 2015 to 33% in 2017.

The traction achieved by fintechs comes as no surprise; disruption is in full force in the financial services and payments industries. Early entrants have found novel ways to leverage technology in a way that makes managing finances and payments easier and more secure in both B2B and B2C spaces.

As these trends continue and more fintechs flood the marketplace, it will become increasingly paramount to have a core marketing strategy in place to remain competitive and rise above the noise. This guide provides foundational concepts to creating a competitive, content-driven marketing strategy that can help fintechs gain credibility with consumers, build trust in the marketplace, and become trusted advisors for prospects—all integral concepts to increasing sales.

Why Content Marketing for Fintechs is Important

It’s what smart marketers use to engage with and successfully sell to buyers who do their own research. It is the intersection of what your brand promotes and what buyers want. By

providing helpful, interesting, educational content, you can help your prospects make purchasing decisions. If that’s not compelling enough, these stats provide more color:

  • Year-over-year (YoY) growth in unique site traffic is almost 8x higher for content marketing leaders (19.7%) vs. followers (2.5%). (Source: Aberdeen)
  • Content marketing costs almost 2/3 (62%) less than traditional marketing and generates about TRIPLE the # of leads. (Source: DemandMetric)
  • Content marketing adopters see conversion rates that are 6x higher (2.9%) than non-adopters (0.5%).

Smart fintech marketers now have a better opportunity than ever to engage with – and successfully sell to – buyers who do their own research.

But fintech marketers need a plan.

Those interested in a plan—a data-driven fintech marketing strategy—can download the recently released Fintech Marketing Playbook (free).