If you’re in financial services, keeping costs down and getting higher returns are both default objectives. But oftentimes, this mentality has been typically misrepresented as the road to questionable practices (including marketing ones).

Whether it’s deliberate hacking schemes to simply black hat online tactics, these are usually seen as the ‘easy way out.’ And when you vilify this, often times the needs to keep costs down and profits up become casualties.

You don’t want to resort to black hat SEO so you try to stop using methods that seem too cheap. Don’t try to look too hard into whether you’re really paying for good financial leads. As long as you’re not implicated in some ulterior marketing scheme, you’re good right?

Only partly. It’s true that avoiding negative associations and naughty marketing tactics can maintain the trust of your customers. What’s not true is that you should use expense as the only decisive factor of whether or not you’re employing sound practices.

Contrary to popular opinion, running a criminal enterprise isn’t cheap. For instance, among the tools used to hack Apple’s iCloud, the average cost is around $200.

That is of course if you’ve already got a plan on how exactly hacking into the iCloud is going to make you money. For black hat marketing tactics, it’s the same thing:

  • The right way to do something wrong isn’t always easy – Spam links, spam comments, and fake views are generated every day. And every day, Google and Co are always cracking down on violators. How do you think keyword stuff died in the face of Hummingbird?
  • Sometimes the right thing is easier – What is the basic goal of lead generation? It’s to connect with potential customers. Sometimes a simple, well-timed phone call gets you a better response than sending cryptic messages from the internet’s darkest corners.
  • Short-term crime doesn’t pay – At the very least, a couple rounds of spam won’t do the trick. If you’re going to commit a crime, you might as well create your own empire. But again, the costs of keeping that kingdom running won’t be cheap.

Proper marketing and successful sales don’t have to be exclusive. Why spend so much doing the wrong thing right when you could’ve just easily spent it on the right way to generate your leads?

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