Those who are following the rise of LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) are still stunned by the current value of the company. In just a few hours after the initial public offering on May 19, in the New York Stock Exchange, the company market capitalization reached $8 billion! Well more than well established companies with substantial assets, such as banks, retail giants and likes.

There are many articles cautioning investors of a new dot-com-era-bubble, pointing out that LinkedIn’s revenue is low and business model is not concrete.

Here, I have another point for investors to the networking sites. Vulnerability – of the investment. In the wake of the hacker attack on Sony’s web site and inability of Sony to prevent it, raises many questions. What is going to happen to the networking web site in case of such attack? Would people still trust it? Would you keep your
personal data on the web site? What are you going to do if you start receiving scam offers based on the information you have on the web site?

Those social networking sites are so valuable based only on the users that sign up with the sites. Could the Sony-style attack scare out most of them? What is going to happen then?

I hope nothing like this would happen, and I hope those who are in, would see hefty returns.