The expansion of the eCommerce industry compels the organizations and users to follow a smooth mobile wallet strategy. A mobile wallet application is in high demand because it opens the gate for making the payment easily. Online shopping is done on a daily basis and this is the reason people look for a secure payment solution. Companies always demand a robust and secure mobile wallet that customers love to use.

It enables consumers and business owners to enjoy a secure transaction. Obviously, any user will look for a security feature when it comes about making payment via the digital form.

Digital payment

Here in this article, we will discuss the ways which are important for making the mobile wallet secure. But before going ahead let’s discuss what a mobile wallet is?

What is the mobile wallet?

It is also known as an e-wallet which makes the sending and receiving of the payment simple. It includes multiple payment options like credit card and debit card. The other additional features like coupons and loyalty points can also be added. It is the mobile wallet only which shows the discount with the help of SMS and text.


This technology eliminates the giving of details of cards. The token looks like a random number because the details are changed to a token.

This is the most powerful tool to make the app secured. It can ensure the entire security.

Password is something old but still, it is a choice among many developers. This method can make the mobile wallet app highly secured.

Way to make a secure mobile wallet solution

It doesn’t matter whether you are following a mobile wallet application to boost sales or integrating it for your new online retail. You will need a secure account in both the cases.

The secure mobile wallet app is useful in making customer engagement. It is because none of your customers wants to lose money.

Now you might be thinking about how to build up a secure mobile wallet solution? So these are some of the points which are important for developers when they think about making an app secured.

Choose the best payment option

There are many payment options available, so you need to decide which payment option would come out clean for your app. Some of the payment options are mobile p2p transfer, online commerce payment, and point of sale.
The best method to justify which payment option will be suited well is consulting with the mobile app development company. Or you can also consult entrepreneurs also.

Deep research of the marketing

The development of mobile wallet also needs good research. With this approach, the developers get to know about market trends. You get an idea about the target audience.

With good research, you also get an idea about the shortcomings. This helps you in making the app efficient by removing those shortcomings. So your end product is robust and efficient.

QR code

Integrating the QR code is the easiest way to secure digital wallet platform. The working of the QR code is similar to the bar code.

The dots and Black Square inside this code represent specific information. This way makes the mobile wallet app highly securable. Due to this, it is followed in a large number among developers.

Integrating of NFC

NFC stands for Near Field Communication which enables the user to pay in a secure way. The payment is done at PoS Point of Sale. It works remotely with contactless technology within 10 cm of the range. When their mobile wallet solution integrates NFC, it helps in making the transaction secure.

End to end encryption

Encryption is the factor that plays an important role in making the mobile wallet secure. The developers who are developing the application must ensure that each of the information should be encrypted well. This ensures the security and there is no chance of leakage of the information. It is also beneficial in biometrics security in digital payments.

Integration of the latest technology

The integration of the latest technology is important when it comes to developing a mobile wallet. A secure payment gateway is like a backbone for the application.

Cloud-based application

The application built on cloud technology is highly secured. The best example of a cloud-based app is PayPal where a user enters the pin number and the mobile number for the transaction. This is a secured payment method.


This is another factor that can be considered to make the mobile wallet secure. To initiate the contactless data exchange with little power consumption it enables radio beacons. The smartphone with BLE receives the signal which emits through the device. Here the user has to use the Bluetooth to get the radio beacons.

Top industries which are adopting the mobile wallet solution

Besides eCommerce, the mobile wallet is also useful in other industries. It makes the payment process simple and attracts many users. Some of the other industries where the mobile wallet is in high demand are as follows.

  • Logistic and Transportations
  • Telecommunication:
  • BFSI Banking Financial Services and Insurance
  • Grocery business and food


Mobile wallet solutions are in high demand and many companies are adopting them. This strategy is also a priority among young consumers who are using smartphones. This is the reason developers are on the path to offering a great payment solution. But on the same hand, it is the duty of developers to offer a secure mobile wallet app.