Facebook filed an amendment to its S-1. While it has yet to reveal the stock exchange on which it will list, there are some very interesting developments. Here’s what you need to know:

1. More underwriters: the pie may be staying the same size, but the pieces are getting smaller. Facebook has added a whopping 25 new underwriters, including Oppenheimer, Cowen & Co and Pacific Crest Securities. Already, it dwarfs the 11-underwriter Groupon IPO.

Source: PEHub

2. More money: ahead of the IPO, Facebook has received approval to take out a $5 bn line of credit and a $3 bn bridge loan. The purpose of this money, according to The Register, is to cover the tax obligations associated with the IPO.

Source: The Register

3. More control: well, more emphasis on control. Business Insider notes: ‘Facebook amended its IPO filing to make it very clear that investors are placing a lot of trust in one person: Mark Zuckerberg.’ Of course, this was already obvious from the original S-1. However, Facebook’s new IPO filing moves this to the front of the document, almost as if to acknowledge what the financial community realized up front.

Source: Business Insider

4. Fewer users: not all numbers are going higher. Facebook acknowledged that between 5 percent and 6 percent of its monthly active user base consists of ‘false or duplicate accounts’.

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Photo: magerleagues via Flickr