Finding a new insurance agent can be a difficult process. You get inundated with requests fro a variety of agents who all claim to provide the best value. The task is made all the more complicated by the fact that the role of an insurance agent is difficult to define. The one thing most business owners have learned is that it extends way beyond selling insurance. So how do you define the role of an insurance agent?


The first step in any business relationship is even more important for an insurance agent. When you first meet with an agent, they will assess your business from top to bottom. The target will be to identify risks and methods for managing those risks. This first stage is also one of the only points at which an insurance agent will ask to see your insurance policies.


The key role of an insurance agent is to advise you on risk management procedures. To help you identify and prevent risks within the business before you consider the insurances you require. At this advice stage, your agent will layout a risk management strategy for your business. They will also advise you on the insurance policies you already hold, identifying the best insurance plan to compliment your risk management initiatives.


With the insurance sales and planning portion out of the way, you start to get real value from an insurance agent. A good agent will assist you in the implementation of your risk management procedures, including any required training. The modern insurance agent is a risk management partner who will ensure that their advice is implemented effectively.


That partnership should continue throughout the year. The best insurance agents are available to their clients whenever they’re needed. They can provide advice on emerging risks and, as risks are constantly changing, assist in the evolution of your risk management procedures.

And Repeat

The final stage is the most important. Risk management is an ongoing and organic process. It can’t be effectively managed by the regular chopping and changing of agents. An insurance agent that knows your industry, knows your organization, and knows your risks will be more effective than a new agent who has to start again from scratch. The best agents will add value every single year, because they’re building on the work done the previous year.

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