Creative Finance That Won’t Get You ArrestedWhen you hear the words creative and finance together what comes to mind?

Tax evasion?
The Mafia?

Fear not!

I’ve got some great ideas for you and they are all completely legal.

Right Brain Finance – No Jail Time Involved

We’ll cover two common finance problems and then I’ll share my own creative finance primer. No bail bondsmen required.

Creative solutions to “I can’t afford that”

  • Barter
    Barter can be a great way to get the services you need now, even when you don’t have the capital. Personally I’ve had great experiences with barter. The key is to treat it like any other contract and client. You are simply cutting out the middle man (a.k.a. the Almighty Dollar). For a more detailed discussion read my blog post Geometric Barter
  • Negotiate Payment Terms
    What if the payments for the product or service you need could be spread out? Perhaps a profit sharing arrangement could be made in place of making an up front payment. As I discuss in a guest post for Dr. Shannon Reece, I firmly believe that Everything is Negotiable.
  • CrowdFunding
    Perhaps your business is looking to invest in a new technology platform, publish a book, or even promote a new product line. Then you may wish to consider crowdfunding. Inspired by crowdsourcing, crowdfunding allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to leverage the internet to raise funds for a specific purpose. I highly recommend as a great resource for running a campaign.

Creative solutions to “Finance and numbers are BORING”

  • Give it a theme
    Where do you usually see themes? At parties. Creating a theme for your finances or finance tasks can add some fun. For example, you could make it a murder mystery – “Who Murdered My Profits This Month?”. How about a scary movie theme? I did this with my blog post on 3 Easy Ways to Tackle Your Taxes
  • Get others involved
    Hate doing expenses? Have an expense party, virtually or in person. Sip cocktails and chat while filing away all those pesky receipts. Another idea is to co-opt a t(w)een in your life. Offer them a $50 iTunes card to get your filing in order.
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Creative Finance Solutions Primer

That’s all great Nicole, but my problem is ________________.

No worries!

Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing. Remember when you brainstorm no idea is bad, silly or wrong. Write them ALL down. You never know which might lead to a viable solution.

  • Pretend your problem is a board game
    What does the board look like? How do you win? What are the challenges? Rewards? Think Monopoly meets your small biz.
  • Pretend it’s an episode of Scooby Doo
    Scooby and Shaggy always end up in dire circumstances, and then find their way out in crazy and creative ways. Imagine your problem as an episode, how would they react?
  • Open Pandora’s (music) Box
    Music can really get my creativity cranked up. Visit for some free tunes randomly selected. Just enter one song or artist to get started.

Final Thoughts

What creative solutions have you used in finance? For any problem facing your business? How do you spark creativity in your work?