Banks operate under a different set of specifications when it comes to business lending. They often offer many additional services, and as such, have traditionally taken a more conservative approach to selecting businesses to lend to. The most obvious characteristic that banks emphasize is credit score. Less than 800 (out of 850), and they’re usually not too impressed. Of course, with a credit score that high, it’s not hard to find organizations willing to lend you money.

Making It Real

Alas, most small-business owners can only dream of that kind of credit score. It’s no secret that when you’re running your own business, decisions have to be made that might negatively affect your credit score, even if you’re running a very successful enterprise. That’s why it’s a shame when we speak with an owner that thought the only place to secure a business loan was from a bank, and had been repeatedly turned down. Our mission is to reach business owners that know that there is more to a successful business than a credit score.

What’s the difference between how an online lender and a bank might view your business? Two words: cash flow. You see, online vendors value your cash flow as much as your credit score. If you have a business that generates day-to-day cash flow, we know that’s impressive, even if your credit score is sub-par. That’s just one of the reasons online lenders have a much higher loan-approval rate than banks. Here at IOU Financial, we pre-approve 85 percent of the business loan applications we receive.

Keep in mind that no loan officer at a bank was ever fired for saying no to a loan application from a business with a lower credit score. Unfortunately, their current lending procedures don’t take into consideration lots of other factors that can be used to measure a business’ health, growth, or ability to pay back a loan. Providing additional information that a bank hasn’t asked for can create confusion and almost never has a positive impact on gaining approval.

WOW Factors

Online lender on the other hand, look at a variety of other factors. Wondering which ones really impresses us? Here are 5 more factors that that you can use to wow an online lender:

  • You own at least 80 percent of the business you operate, or 50 percent if you partner with your spouse
  • You’ve owned or purchased a business that’s been operating for at least one year
  • Your business generates at least 10 bank account deposits per month (we’re talking about retail and e-commerce businesses)
  • You have at least $100,000 in annual revenue
  • Your business bank account has an average daily ending balance of at least $3,000.

Meet these criteria, and we’ll say. “Wow.” Unlike a bank, online lenders can typically provide you with an answer the same day or even immediately. Our advanced software quickly evaluates dozens of data points like the ones listed above to provide you with an immediate loan decision.

As an online lender we also appreciate the fact that your reasons for borrowing vary from one business to the next. True, almost half of our customers use our loans to purchase equipment, but a sizable number put the money to work expanding their business, plugging a temporary gap in cash flow, purchasing/building inventory, or pursuing some other goal.

Turn the Tables and Let an Online Lender Impress You

OK, we’ve made it clear how you can impress us. But we also want to wow you too. One way we do this is by taking the red tape out of our 3-minute business loan application process. Not only is it quick to apply, when approved, your money will be available within a day or two, and deposited directly into your business bank account.

Worried about the interest rate? Believe it or not, online lenders; rates can be very affordable, and often much less than the cost of merchant cash advances. Your loan is repaid with fixed automated daily payments made directly from your bank account, helping you avoid big monthly payments that are due all at once. What’s more, at IOU, we never charge you upfront costs to apply or qualify for your loan, we are happy to renew loans once you’ve repaid 40 percent of the principle, we don’t charge pre-payment penalties, and we charge simple (not compound) interest on your unpaid principle.