Rowan atkinson luxury auto insurance

The accident involved a McLaren F1, the beloved luxury vehicle of the well known British actor.

Rowan Atkinson, the actor best known for his portrayal of the Mr. Bean character, has received an auto insurance payment of £910,000 in order to have his beloved luxury vehicle repaired following a massive accident.

The crash initially took place in 2011, at which time the actor suffered a shoulder injury.

The auto insurance payout currently represents the largest repair bill that has ever been tallied in the United Kingdom. The accident, itself, was the second time that the actor crashed the McLaren F1. Though it didn’t take long for Atkinson to recover from his injuries when he smashed the car after having driven it at 240 mph, the vehicle took much longer to be repaired.

The auto insurance payment covered over a year of repairs on the luxury car, by expert technicians.

The outcome was a repair bill for £910,000. The vehicle itself was purchased in 1997 for £640,000. The previous most expensive luxury auto insurance claim was three times less than that racked up by Atkinson.

In August 2011, Atkinson had been driving on a road near Peterborough when he hit a slippery patch and lost control of the vehicle, striking a tree. The 6.1-liter engine of the car was torn out and was discovered about 20 yards from the vehicle itself. McLaren Special Operations experts required a month to tally up how much it would cost in order to repair the crashed luxury car, before they came up with the total that approached £1 million.

The next most expensive luxury auto insurance payout was in 2010, when a Pagani Zonda sports car was crashed and took £300,000 to repair. Atkinson’s insurer approved the massive repair costs as the value of the McLaren F1 skyrocketed last year. A similar vehicle sold last year for £3.5 million. Only 64 roadworthy F1s have ever been made by McLaren, and they are now considered to be among the most coveted modern vehicles.

It has now been sixteen months after the crash took place and Atkinson finally has his vehicle back after the tremendous auto insurance payout.

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