If you want to make money work for you, you must invest from time to time.

But keeping track of investment accounts is not an easy task. Between your health savings account, individual retirement plan, employer’s 401(k) plan, and taxable investment accounts, you could end up managing multiple investment portfolios.

Juggling these different accounts and portfolios comes with big challenges like logging into multiple accounts, tracking performance, and building an asset allocation plan.

Imagine having software where you could put all your investment portfolios in a single, secure place?

Enter portfolio management software – a tool that helps manage investment portfolios, optimize portfolio performance, audit compliance, and track financial assets.

In this blog, we will review the best-performing portfolio management software for investors. We’ll start out with their use case, next to the key features, and then the pricing.

The best portfolio management software is one that meets your investing, tracking, and budget needs. We’ll cover all the basics that will help you make a smart decision.

What is Portfolio Management Software?

Portfolio or Investment management software is an application or software that allows investors to view details about their investments and gain significant knowledge about future investments.

According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The global portfolio management software market size is expected to reach USD 9.14 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 13.5% from 2021 to 2028.

Put simply, wealth management is experiencing a time of exponential change. After the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of businesses have started focusing on finance and liquidity, crisis management, tax, and trade. This is creating growth opportunities for the market players.

Some of the highlights of portfolio management software include purchase, dividends, sale, price data, and capital gains. The software also enables investors to analyze their investments on a real-time basis to find out which ones are performing better and identify ones that are lagging.

7 Best Investment Management Software 2021

We used some of the most popular investment management software during the free trial period and shortlisted the best-performing ones. In this section, we’ve discussed their characteristics, product highlights, and compare the pricing of different plans:

1. Navexa

Navexa’s easy-to-use, powerful portfolio tracker software is tailor-made for portfolio management professionals who feel overwhelmed by the data filling into their inboxes.

On Navexa you get data analysis functionalities to make smarter and data-driven decisions with your portfolio. It helps the investor to create portfolios by objective, keep track of financial goals according to distinct parameters, and allows you to create diversified reports.

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Key Highlights

  • Add Portfolios: On Navexa you can add up to five portfolios into your account. All of these portfolios can be accessed from the mobile app and website.
  • Track ETFs, Stocks, and More: With this portfolio management software, users can add and evaluate stocks and funds from ASX, NYSE, NASDAQ, and more.
  • Simplify Tax Reporting: Navexa lets users generate income tax reports and portfolio’s capital gains very quickly and easily.
  • Data-Driven Investing: On Navexa you get to make data-driven decisions through customizable charts, powerful analytics, and reporting tools. The valuable insights and wealth of real-time data helps you make more informed and intelligent decisions for your portfolio.
  • Automate Dividend Reporting & Trades: Navexa provides you a unified platform for automating your dividend reporting and trades. You can use a custom email address for automating dividend income reporting and to auto-update your portfolio with new trends.

2. Investing.com

Investing.com is a highly efficient portfolio management software that provides real-time data, financial tools, charts, breaking news, quotes, and analysis across 250 exchanges around the world.

Key Features

  • One-stop shop for traders: Investing.com covers cryptocurrencies, commodities, world indices, world currencies, bonds, commodities, funds, ETFs futures, and interest rates and options.
  • Cutting edge financial marketing software This financial market platform covers over 300,000 financial instruments and offers unlimited access to cutting-edge finance market functionalities like customized portfolios, real-time alters, personal alerts, financial insights, and calculators.

Pricing: Free

3. Google Finance

Launched in 2006, Google finance is known to be one of the most popular software for investors to monitor their own portfolios and review the market. The software provides real-time stock charts and also news about individual companies.

It is one of the best places to read financial news, get a large volume of stock quotes, and explore various investment options before investing your money.


  • World Markets: In Google finance, you’ll see a section called World Markets – it’s where you can review how the stock markets are doing in different countries. This feature alone helps investors make smart decisions.
  • Currency Section: The currency section offers insight on how different curries stack up against each other.
  • Sector Section: In this section, you can review how different industries like healthcare, energy, and technology are performing on a global scale.
  • Investment Related Research: You can view last price, market capitalization, average volume, 52-weeks lows and highs, earnings per share, and conduct more investment-related research.
  • Create Your Own Portfolio: You can also create your own portfolio on Google finance and play around. This feature allows users to create and customize portfolio, track daily losses and gains, and also review news relevant to your portfolio.

Pricing: Free

4. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a finance media platform that is part of Yahoo’s network. It provides financial news, data, and commentary including finance-related original content, press releases, stock quotes, financial reports. On yahoo finance, you’ll also come across finance software for personal finance management.

You can follow the stocks of your choice on this software and get personalized news and alerts about the stocks, bonds, and currencies you care about. Apart from this, you get access to real-time investment updates to stay on top of the market. More interesting characteristics include tracking holding performance and personal portfolio performance.

Key Features

  • Portfolio Analysis: Yahoo’s Finance software offers basic portfolio analysis which enhances the platform’s usability and is becoming a go-to center for trading. On yahoo finance, traders can create unlimited numbers of portfolios and also update them with active holdings – this helps them to track performance from time to time.
  • Investment Ideas: Investment ideas aren’t just lists of stocks or news reports but really useful investment ideas that are based on the analyst ratings and technical movement in stocks. The platform also sends information about stocks that have shown technical pattern formation. From there, you can load technical charts and research reports to view patterns for yourself.
  • Technical Charting: Yahoo Finance offers you an option to conduct technical charting that has around 1000 indicator overlays. This feature also allows users an ability to do comparison of multiple stocks on a single chart.
  • Research Reports: Yahoo finance includes access to reports from valuable resources for serious traders. There are thousands of research reports that you can review before making an investment decision.

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5. Investment Account Manager

Investment Account Manager is one of the most sophisticated, feature-rich, and secure portfolio management apps designed for investment management. The objective of the software is to help you gain better financial knowledge and manage your investment portfolios.

The software, with an easy-to-use interface, is suitable for both seasoned and newbies investors. One of the reasons users prefer this software is its capability to track an unlimited number of portfolios.

Key Features

  • Track Unlimited Portfolios: Since the software facilitates unlimited portfolio tracking, you can add as many portfolios as you wish. Each investment portfolio is handled individually and there’s also the option to segregate transactions by account. This helps investors to create and track portfolios by objective.
  • Customize Reports: Under this section, you get the option to customize reports and also create them to combine all your portfolios in one palace. The software allows users to combine portfolios and review cash, stocks, bonds on a granular level.
  • Rebalancing Feature: Investment account manager has a rebalancing feature, using which you can review if your portfolio is out of balance. This feature also helps users in tracking what securities need to be sold or bought to return to preferred allocation.
  • Benchmark Comparison: The benchmark comparison software allows you to compare your performance against performance of others. For individual stock owners, there’s also the option to do fundamental ratio analysis.
  • Create Your Own Portfolio: You can also create your own portfolio on Google finance and play around. This feature allows users to create and customize portfolio, track daily losses and gains, and also review news relevant to your portfolio.

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6.Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the top-rated free portfolio and investment management software. The software, with computer and mobile app access, has a load of useful attributes.

The personal capital finance dashboard displays a user’s credit card, bank, and investment accounts – allowing them a 360-degree view of how their investments are performing. The dashboard also has insights on retirement plans.

Key Features

  • Plan For Retirement: Personal Capital retirement planner calculator tells users about best and worst case retirement scenarios. It’s a pretty useful feature that shows how much of monthly expenditure your current portfolio can allow throughout your retirement.
  • Investment Checkup: With this feature, you can see how well your current investments are performing, and also review how they could help you do better- even with the investment checkup software. Using this, you can compare your current portfolio allocation for minimizing risk and maximizing the returns.
  • Net Worth: With Personal capital, you’re always one-click away from knowing your up to date, true, network. This helps you to understand your financial situation better and improve it accordingly. Once you link all your accounts, you can effortlessly track your true net worth, and make an informed decision about planning and spending.
  • Money Management: Personal Capital’s money management feature allows you to create a budget, save for the future, and also track your spending’s. The money management software is easy to use, allowing you to meet your day to day goals.
  • Security: Personal Capital is a high-security app that keeps your financial data secure and safe. The software uses multiple layers of security to keep your money and accounts safe, and also keep all user information confidential.

Pricing: Free

7. Stock Rover

Stock Rover, as a portfolio management software allows users to find, compare, and also die into equity data. It’s more of a stock screening, portfolio, and research management service.

The core advantages of stock rovers include historical financials, dividend database, earnings, and morning star analyst ratings.


  • Historical Fundamental Database: On stock rover, you get access to a unique 10 year historical fundamentals database, which helps in making more data-driven and informed decisions.
  • Real-time Reports: apart from the historical data, stock rover also bring automated real-time research reports which further enhances an investor’s opportunity of making smarter investments.
  • Financial Ratio: The financial ratio further gives you calculated esteem on every financial ratio possible.
  • Data-Driven Investing: On Stock river you get to make data-driven decisions through customizable charts, powerful analytics, and reporting tools. The valuable insights and wealth of real-time data helps you make more informed and intelligent decisions for your portfolio.

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What is the Best Portfolio Management App?

Choosing a portfolio management app mainly depends upon the attributes you’re seeking. If you want to stay in touch with your net worth and have a solid retirement plan, Personal Capital, Google Finance, and Stock Rover would be smart choices.

Similarly, if you want to track your stocks, simplify tax reporting, and make data-driven investment decisions, Navexa, Investment account manager, and investing.com would be highly useful software. There’s so much meat in these portfolio management software that both the casual and serious investor can benefit from them.

In a nutshell, It’s worth signing up for portfolio management software, whether you want free features or premium ones.