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When an angel investor invests in a new business they have probably identified key aspects in the project which have both satisfied and excited them. To help you secure the investment you need, we have created this post to explain what angel investors look for. With this information, you can include and highlight it in your pitches, business plans, and any other promotional content you use.

So what are the aspects angel investors look for?


Most investors will want you to have some experience in the industry and marketplace you are operating in. You may or may not be relieved to know that investors are still interested in your venture if your first attempt did not succeed. In these instances show why your first try didn’t take off, and what you have learned.

If you have a track record of success highlight this.


Investors want to see you believe in, and are passionate about your idea. They want to feel an infectious enthusiastic vibe. Here the old adage rings true. If you do not believe in what you are proposing nobody else will. A passionate performance when pitching can often compensate for inexperience.

Strong Team Dynamic

Angel investors want to see your team is full of people who work well together, each man or woman bringing their own skills, experience, and expertise to the project. If you consider that most successful start-ups are built on a strong team ethic, it is easy to see how and why this is an essential aspect to a potential investor.

To this end, it is a good idea to ensure your team communicates well and are prepped, ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

The Essentials of your Business Concept

When pitching, it is important to cut to the chase and present the essentials of your business plan. Time is a precious commodity to most investors. As such, provide information that will help investors make an informed decision. The core idea, market scenario, go-to-market approach, and details of the financials should be presented. A passionate pitch (see above) will help you sell it.

The Future

When putting your business plan together, take a long-term approach and ensure you have an exit strategy in mind. All investors are looking for a return on their investments, and showing that you have thought about public offerings and acquisitions will give your pitches credence and show you have a long-term vision. It will also show investors you want to grow the business making your start-up more viable for investment.

Securing Investment

To help you secure investment in new ventures, talk to us today. We can help you identify the key aspects and help you build a comprehensive LinkedIn profile which is essential for securing investment.