In all honesty there is no single solution or way to become rich. Many of us assume you just need to lock in a cushy job at an established company. Truth is, you need to develop certain habits around your money if you want to build wealth regardless of your paycheck (to an extent). If you become disciplined early on then you’ll give yourself a huge leg up when the real bucks start rolling in.

Here are five money habits you need to adopt today if you want to build wealth:

Don’t Always Pay for Convenience

With technology at our fingertips that can deliver us a fully cooked meal or even an in-house massage, our generation has become accustomed to paying for convenience. Thing is, that convenience will always come at a hefty price. For example, if you’re a big coffee drinker you should buy whole coffee beans and make your own at home instead of going to Starbucks every morning. If you can create a budget and be disciplined about it you’ll be able to easily identify where you need to make cuts. Remember, every little bit counts.

Live Below Your Means

You may equate fancy cars and big homes to success and happiness. Sometimes it’s true, however even some of the richest individuals in the world live modest lifestyles. Warren Buffett for example has lived in the same home since 1958 and drives a 2006 Cadillac. That’s pretty modest for a man worth over $70 billion.

Regardless of your income, it’s always good to live below your means. You’d be surprised how many individuals may appear to be wealthy on the surface but have little saved up. It’s okay to buy yourself something nice once in a while but try to stay modest you’ll be happier (and wealthier) in the long run.

Avoid Debt At All Costs

If you want to build substantial wealth you need to do whatever it takes to avoid debt. Even if disaster strikes you should explore every other option before taking on debt. For example, try and borrow from friends or family if necessary; you can even offer to pay them back with interest. The difference is your credit won’t be affected nor will the interest compound if you miss a payment.

I use my credit cards as a way to build credit rather than a means of borrowing money. I recommend setting up automatic payments on all your credit cards and be very diligent about making sure your pay-to account has enough funds.

Sell Things You No Longer Need

Everyone has a little bit of “hoarder” in them. Especially in America, individuals accumulate a ton of, for lack of better words, crap throughout their lives. Instead of letting all that stuff sit in your basement why not sell it? There are plenty of online marketplaces for used goods that make it a breeze to sell your unused items. In Steve Job’s words, it’s always good to clear out the old to make way for the new.

Start a Side Hustle (or Two)

Regardless how secure you think you are at your current job it’s always good to put a couple more irons in the fire. If you think you don’t have time then you aren’t spending your time wisely. There are plenty of ways you can start your side hustle. It doesn’t have to be a part-time job, rather a project that you can manage on the side of your full-time job. You can use affordable automation tools instead of doing all the legwork yourself. If you want to truly get ahead financially you need to have multiple sources of income. A side-hustle is a great place to start.

Final Thoughts

Building sustainable wealth takes time. There is really no such thing as a “get rich quick scheme” and it requires much more than hard work. It requires smart and strategic work. Along with the five habits listed above you need to develop a plan that works well for you and your lifestyle. If you’re disciplined you’ll make your millions, I promise.