Today I have some resources to help your business leverage fintech for both creation and deployment.

When it comes to increasing your sales and reaching more clients you need to be involved in the latest digital trends in order to be successful. Not only can you produce more insightful content, but you can also improve your communication and money management online. There are many ways you tap into the financial technology sector, which is a growing industry. Are you ready to grow or start a new business? Take advantage of these tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Improve customer experience – Assentis Technologies

Better communicate with your business customers. Assentis Technologies is tailored for financial organizations who would like to improve their direct correspondence with existing clients. Their digital platform allows for a more streamlined process so that customers can receive the documents they need. Features include automated communication, sales material design and implementation, and professional reports.

2) Improve content and branding – Block Club

If you need a better branding system and an improved sales then you’ll love this content and marketing service. Block Club helps your business best connect businesses with their audience through relevant campaign strategies. Their services include design, architecture, key messages and talking points, branded content, and audits that will help you grow online. Their knowledge base will help you get on the right track and tap into the latest technologies and trends that people are involved in.

3) Funding and financial growth – Kabbage

Manage your budget and expand your business. Kabbage makes it simple for businesses to leverage loans and money management tools, including payment processing. Get a better handle on your cash flow as well as as understand how your business is doing in its overall financial health. The company is owned by American Express, a renown leader in the financial and credit industry.

4) Digital fundraising and asset management – Figure

Discover new ways to support your growing business or startup. Figure is a lending company that also includes crypto currency funding and investing. Use their service to raise funds in a digital environment along with the ability to start trading in the blockchain marketplace.

Hopefully you will find these fintech tools useful to your business growth and brand reach. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.