If you’re familiar with the finance and philanthropy world, chances are you’ve heard of Warren Buffet or Abigail Johnson. These billionaires are some of the most famous financiers in the world. But some of the most philanthropic leaders of the finance industry are not household names. Here are four financiers that you probably haven’t heard of, but you should definitely know.

John Studzinski
John Studzinski is the Senior Managing Director of the Blackstone Advisory Group. He is also one of the bankers responsible for making JP Morgan one of the top investment banks in all of Europe. Studzinski was born and raised in Massachusetts and has spent over three decades building his career in finance. He is known in the finance world as a straight-shooter with a positive and disciplined attitude. He’s also a generous philanthropist who has a passion for the arts. John was a key player in developing the Genesis Prize, an annual award of £25,000 given to a promising young artist. He is also on the Board of Directors for the International Youth Foundation.

Hoda Abou-Jamra
Hoda Abou-Jamra is one of the most prominent woman financiers in the Middle East. She is the Founder of the non-profit BioExec and the CEO of Dubai-based health care Boston BioCapital. Ms. Abou-Jamra is known for breaking down barriers in the world of Middle Eastern finance. In an industry where there are still not many women, she has made her way to the top. Boston BioCapital (BBC) is one of the most well-known healthcare investment firms in Asia.

Carl Icahn
With a net worth of over $12 billion dollars, it goes without saying that Carl Icahn is a wealthy man. He is also as generous as he is rich. This founder of the investment firm Icahn Enterprises is known for his generous contributions to education, healthcare, and the homeless of New York City. Icahn is a stakeholder in countless companies and known for his aggressive, straight-shooting style of investing.

Bernard Osher
Bernard Osher is a billionaire with a goal. Mr. Osher has no children and would like to give away his entire $900 million to worthy causes. He began his prolific career in finance over six decades ago and went on to become a founding director of World Savings. It’s estimated that Mr. Osher and his wife have given away over $805 million to education, the arts, and various social causes. This makes him one of the most prominent philanthropists in the world.

Warren Buffet and Abigail Johnson are household names. But there are a number of generous financiers out there who we’re not yet familiar with. These four financiers are names to know if you are interested in the worlds of finance and philanthropy. Their persistence and positive attitudes have helped the on their rise to the top, and they are committed to sharing their fortunes with the world.