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VCs, love them or loathe them, can be the turning point for your business. So whether you are debating a spot on Planet of the Apps or your local VC’s version of Shark Tank you need to tick these 3 boxes!

Being ‘investment’ ready is being able to demonstrate the value drivers in your business to potential investors using common business practice. The better-presented your business assets, value and operations are, the easier it will be to discuss opportunities with potential investors.

1. Management Team

You need to be able to identify your management team, their core competencies and experience they bring to the business.

What specific, relevant experience they have and how they capable of managing both day-to-day as well as implementing the strategic business plan.

2. Products & Services
You need to document and be able to talk clearly about your business, products, services, and how they are monetized.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people describe their businesses, particularly in tech, in jargon that only they could understand! So if you are in a technical business, you have to explain the business application of your products and services, not necessarily the intricacies of how it actually works!

Remember, what is it that your customers buy (which may be a different perceived thing from what you think you are selling them)?

3. Business Model
A clear and well-documented explanation of your Business Model and how it actually makes money!

This is not a description of your end product or service alone. An investor wants to see all the points in your end to end business that could or currently do produce additional revenue. Are you leaving money on the table? Are you missing untapped opportunities to increase sales?

Raising Capital can be the gateway to taking your business to the next level so make sure you and your business are ready. Even if you aren’t there yet, preparing these three components can give you some interesting insights.