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Everybody knows PayPal. It is the most popular online payment service being used by freelancers, online shoppers, and businesses alike. It is also widely used to send money to anyone in the world. While it is reliable regarding buyer protection and security, it does not always provide the ideal service for online merchants and professionals who need their money right away.

Most of the rules and regulations set by PayPal are tailored for buyers. Within a period of 45 days, it is easy for consumers to request a refund, whether it is partial or full. However, certain policies can make it hard for new vendors or freelancers to access their funds.

Until verified, PayPal will hold your funds for 21 days after your withdrawal request. This means you have to wait for three weeks before you can get your money. There are also three reasons for delayed payments when using PayPal.

Business accounts will also be charged a processing fee for every transaction. The fee is a small percentage of a sale plus a little flat cost (depending on your location). Although it is usually not a crippling cost, it is not the most profitable setup for online sellers and freelancers. This said; here are three convenient alternatives to PayPal for secure online payments:


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Ever thought of investing in precious metals? BitGold makes it easier for you to set up a payment system and start owning gold at the same time.

Opening an account and buying gold through BitGold allows you to transact globally using your BitGold PrepaidCard. With which, you can start sending and receiving gold with other BitGold users.

If you are worried about the security of your investments, remember that your gold is fully insured against theft or loss. You may also physically own your assets by redeeming 10-gram gold cubes or 1-kilogram gold bars. Gold payments made through BitGold are free of charge, but there is a 1% charge for bullion purchases, redemptions, and credit card processing.

Google Wallet

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Google Wallet has been one of the rising contenders as a payment service in the past few years. There are plenty of online and local stores that accept Google Wallet payments, especially in the US. The service is expected to grow its reach as more people start using Gmail.

First of all, it is a lot easier to open a Google Wallet account than to open and verify a PayPal account. To use Google Wallet, you only need to have an existing Gmail account and link your bank account or credit/debit card.

Since it is integrated within Gmail, you can quickly send payments to anyone by composing a new mail. All you have to do is to hover your mouse over the Attach button, click on the dollar ($) sign, and input any amount. The recipient does not need to have a Gmail account to receive the money, making it a more convenient option for sellers and remote workers.

While Google Wallet also charges transaction fees, its main edge over PayPal is that funds transferred to the service are FDIC-insured. This makes it a lot more secure than PayPal when it comes to holding your money.


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Payoneer is another popular option for transferring and receiving funds internationally. It is commonly used by freelancers and small businesses who want to access their funds quickly.

One of the main advantages of Payoneer is that it allows you to withdraw your money faster. Even on verified accounts, PayPal still takes three to five days to process withdrawals. On the other hand, funds are usually made available within 24 hours when using Payoneer. Some transactions even take minutes to be prepared.

Opening a Payoneer account is free. You will only be charged for activating your very own MasterCard, which will be sent to you upon registering. You may then “load” money on your account from your credit card or local bank.

Payoneer is great to use in conjunction with freelancing websites like Upwork and Elance. For most of these partner programs, there is virtually no cost for receiving your payments.


Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is always a good idea to have more options when transacting online. While PayPal is still a viable option for online payments, you will still be missing out on the great benefits of these alternatives. Just be sure to consider your needs carefully and investigate how your choice will affect your online finances in the long run.

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