The one thing that sets risk management professionals apart from other insurance sales people is the way we think about risk. It’s not just about the headline risks, the ones everyone looks out for. It’s the little risks and the big risks that you never even thought about.

Risk management professionals break everything down into risks. Even the most mundane incident can be assessed in terms of risk. In fact, our lives are full of risk management techniques most people take for granted.

Entrance Mats

You know the ones you walked across when you came into work? They cleaned and dried your shoes as you entered the office. It may not seem like it but they are vital risk management techniques. Without them you would be at risk of suffering a slip/fall accident and your employer would be at risk of suffering a painful lawsuit.

Anti-Virus Software

A few years ago, cyber risk management techniques like anti-virus software would have received more attention than they do now. They were seen as a high-tech solution to a high tech problem. These days anti-virus software is everywhere. It’s become a mundane notification that reminds you to update every few days, it’s become an irritation. What we often forget is that it’s one of the most vital cyber risk management techniques available.

Your Coat

Risks aren’t always life or business threatening. Illness can affect your happiness and your work productivity so it’s important to employ as many health risk management techniques as you can. That’s where heavy clothing in winter comes in. When your body is cold you are more susceptible to infection. Simply wearing your coat outdoors can significantly reduce your risk of illness.

These risk management techniques may seem very basic. You may not even have realized they were risk management techniques, but just imagine your life without them. That image will give you a tiny window into the mind of a risk management professional.

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