One of the most commonly used content marketing strategies is to ride the wave of the season. In the germinal weeks of 2014, brands and organisations will capitalise on the New Year period to produce content to appeal to relevant audiences. The most fitting content unpicks the preceding 12 months’ occurrences and attentive brands will leverage promotional work on events throughout the forthcoming year. The trick is to publish content that is engaging, incorporating insightful, informative and humorous elements which trigger enthusiastic debate.

In the age of social and mobile, with billions of fragmentary pages and conversations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grab the attention of your target audience. While it can be relatively uncomplicated for popular consumer brands like Oreo or Dell to equip themselves with appealing content proposals, it takes a particularly creative edge and innovative initiative for other brands to successfully publicise specific products and services.

Saxo Capital Markets, a London based online trading service, manages to build content and inspire conversation that attracts attention, both online and offline. In this case, content marketing strategy ranges from hosting trading focused events to assembling impressive infographics.

At the end of every year, Saxo publishes their 10 ‘Outrageous Predictions’ for the following year. These predictions are revealed as infographic visualisations, with the intention of provoking discussion on the financial markets and world economy. You can take a look at the first five ‘outrageous’ infographics online, prior to the release of the remaining five infographic predictions.

In last year’s annual offering, Saxo prophesised on 10 polemic events across the political and financial landscape, including an accurate prediction on the gold price slump.

The 2014 Outrageous Predictions combine the 10 most portentous outlooks of Saxo’s industry experts and thought leaders. Although each financial projection is unlikely to fully transpire, each infographic presents forecasts which aggregate recent trends and parallel industry movements, albeit to a controversial extent.

So, what are Saxo Bank’s 10 Outrageous Predictions for 2014?

Steen Jakobsen, Saxo’s Chief Economist, submits that this year’s European Elections will be dominated by an anti-European Union alliance comprising the UK Independence Party and prominent continental Eurosceptic parties. Jakobsen also hypothesises a return of Soviet-style economies around the Eurozone in Europe’s New Soviet Model.

Saxo’s Head of Equity Strategy, Pete Garnry, shares his projections about Five Inflated Tech Firms and expands on Japan’s Debt Addiction.

In the Helicopter Yellen and The Great Deflation infographics Mads Koefoed, Head of Macro Strategy, suggests that the US housing market is facing a considerable decline.

Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy, predicts recession to be Germany’s Achilles Heel and discusses The Iran Equation – how the US alleviating sanctions on Iran will affect the global oil supply.

Saxo’s Head of Forex Strategy, John Hardy, anticipates French Malaise as François Hollande’s socialist platform fails to reinvigorate France’s competitiveness. The Fragile 5 Emerging Markets infographic explores the knock on effect of the Federal Reserve’s plans to taper quantitative easing.

A selection of thought-provoking predictions demonstrates an original strategy to engage the target audience and industry as a whole. Half of the 10 infographics have been released online, with the remaining five due to circulate over the coming weeks. Every year, these Outrageous Predictions garner the attention of many leading industry publications, with coverage scaling from niche financial blogs to national newspapers. What do you think of this ambitious content marketing strategy? And what do you think of the Saxo experts’ predictions? Join the debate with @SaxoMarkets on Twitter.