Accessories are the ideal way for men to show their individuality and their style. From snazzy tie to neckerchief, or even a custom tie pin and silver cufflinks, these are the items that can help a man to distinguish himself from the dozens of others who are in a dark suit.

(Of course, women wear cufflinks too with their smart suits and can make just as bold a statement with them.)

Novelty cufflinks, however, can be divisive. Some people love them; others don’t think they should be worn at work because they could give the impression that you aren’t serious about your job.

But some pairs of cufflinks are so off the wall that they are simply brilliant conversation pieces.

The 5 Weirdest Cufflinks Ever

We’ve trawled the internet and found five of the most wacky and wonderful accessories that could grace anyone’s shirt cuffs. What do you think? Do they scream “individual style” or just “I’m a bit weird”? And would you wear some of these?

Lighter cufflinks

We think these are really hot stuff. These cufflinks don’t just look like lighters, they actually do light a flame. They might be less than an inch in diameter, but these intriguing accessories are big in the quirky stakes.

Jubilee cufflinks

Would you Adam and Eve it? A pair of cufflinks made from real, dried and lacquered broad beans bearing the image of Her Majesty the Queen. These clever and fun cufflinks display a great sense of fun and celebrate the British love of puns, as broad bean is Cockney rhyming slang for Queen.

Geek chic cufflinks

OK, so we don’t know too many IT geeks who own a smart suit, but if they did they would definitely love these cufflinks fashioned from recycled circuit boards.

Sweet tooth cufflinks

It’s not just women who crave chocolate, men love to eat a bar or two as well. With these sweet little numbers on your shirt cuffs, you know that you will be able to have your cake and eat it. Question is, who will have your last Rolo?

Timer cufflinks

There is a saying that time waits for no man, but these little numbers are just the ticket when you are checking how many seconds it takes for someone to say “wow” when they see them. We aren’t sure how many times you would need to turn the timer to get the perfect boiled egg, though.

And here’s a bonus number six in the weirdest cufflinks ever made: gallbladder stones. When Dick Adair in Albany, New York State, USA, had his gallbladder stones removed, he had them made into a pair of cufflinks; much to the disgust of his wife, who’d already received a locket that was inset with some of his kidney stones.

At Esquire Originals, we can make pretty much any type of cufflink you want (we may draw the line at body parts, though) and will design bespoke cufflinks to suit any occasion and budget.

For more ideas on creating the perfect pair of designer, personalised cufflinks, please read our eGuide “What’s This Year’s Summer Party Style Secret?”.