Diamonds do not come out of the ground looking like shiny gems. They need to be processed before they can be set in jewelry. The way a diamond is treated affects the value of the stone almost as much as its size does. Cut, size and clarity combine to determine a diamond’s value. The most sought-after engagement rings feature diamonds that are cut and polished to be as clear and shiny as possible.


Feminine Styles

A woman will wear her engagement ring every day for the rest of her life. Most women prefer traditional, feminine engagement rings for this reason.

    • Engagement Rings containing round brilliant diamonds are worn by almost twice as many women as all other types of engagement rings combined. These diamonds have 58 faceted surfaces to maximize the amount of points off of which light can reflect. A round brilliant diamond has a point on top that fans out toward the girdle. The facets wrap around the edge and move toward a base on the bottom.

Engagement Rings

  • Oval diamonds are similar to round brilliant diamonds. They are equivalent in width, but oval diamonds are narrower. They take up less room on the finger. An engagement ring with an oval diamond will elongate the fingers of a woman who has small hands. Petite women wear oval diamonds to get the largest possible amount of shine without distorting the proportions of their hands.
  • Marquise diamonds have oblong shapes. High-quality marquise diamonds are very expensive and hard to find because any small errors in the cutting process will make some planes of the diamonds look black. These diamonds are frequently used as the centerpieces on rings featuring multiple stones. There may be a clustered arrangement of diamonds or other gemstones, or the band may be set with smaller diamonds.
  • Pear-shaped diamonds are sometimes used in engagement rings, though their bottom-heavy shape lends them more naturally to earrings. Pear diamonds have a contemporary, off-beat look, making them well-suited for women who deviate from classic styles.
  • Heart-shaped diamonds are a sweet, modern trend in engagement rings. A heart diamond has to be cut very carefully, since the shape will be unidentifiable if the outline is not symmetrical. Heart diamonds look great on simple, delicate bands that let the shape of the diamond speak for itself.

Dramatic Styles

Stark, almost masculine stones are surprisingly at home on engagement rings. They make statements and attract attention. A woman can show her strength by wearing an engagement ring with an unconventional diamond on it.

  • Emerald-cut diamonds are shaped like rectangles with long, flat reflective surfaces. They are often flanked by other stones that gradually decrease in size.
  • Despite the name, princess diamonds are very sharp and striking; they are not dainty or girlish. They look like little boxes with light refracting through them at perfect 90-degree angles.
  • Trilliant diamonds are triangular versions of round brilliant diamonds. They can be used alone or placed alongside diamonds of other shapes. The most valuable and arresting trilliant diamonds have angles that are all the same measurement.
  • Radiant diamonds are new additions to the world of engagement rings. They are rectangular like emerald-cut diamonds but are cut in the same manner as round brilliant diamonds.
  • Cushion-cut diamonds are what most people think of when they try to visualize diamonds. They have a lot of depth and reflect light through a fanned top. They are retro and antique-looking.
    A woman’s engagement ring should suit her personality and sense of style. Every woman is sure to find her perfect ring among these ten diamond styles.