This summer your itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polka dot bikini just won’t cut it anymore. With tons of trends popping up in the world of swimwear there are many styles to choose from. A swimsuit collection in 2015 consists of high-waist, low-rise, mixed print, monochrome, neoprene, and crochet bikinis or one-pieces. Enjoy the summertime sun with a fashionable swimsuit! Shopping for your summer swimsuits will get you in the mood for your summer escapes. Here are a few styles you won’t be able to live without.

1. Cut-Outs

While revealing more skin isn’t always a good thing there is a classy way to do it! One-piece bathing suits with carefully placed cutouts give an edgy look to a classic style.

2. High Waist

High waist bikini bottoms are the new go-to piece for your summer swimsuit. Each year we see a vintage fashion trend come back to life, and high waist bikini bottoms are here to stay. We won’t see this trend go out of style in 2015.

3. Crochet

Bored of the standard nylon swimsuit? Make sure to purchase one of this year’s most popular styles! More delicate than your average bikini, the crochet swimsuit is beautifully made and fully worth the investment!

4. Color Block

With plenty of designs to choose from you can’t go wrong with a swimsuit that includes a few of your favorite colors. Color block swimsuits are on the rise in 2015.

5. Mix and Match

Combine a solid color bikini bottom with a printed bikini top for a mismatched look. Mismatched bikinis are on trend and budget friendly. Mix and match pieces to create a whole new look on your summer vacation.