As we see social media almost everywhere, social media platforms are a big part of our everyday lives. People start their day with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and religiously end their day on all these platforms. It is more like people live their lives on these platforms. When they get such massive attention from people, it is natural that the online market start considering these platforms as marketing tools. As online businesses are growing big, marketers are also busy in inventing new marketing strategies to capture the online market. Having a sound and effective social media marketing strategy is now getting essential for online business owners. In order to expand and be in the good books of their customers, business owners are now thinking of new ways to increase their social media presence. Like real world marketing, fashion industry was the first to adopt social media marketing tool. They inculcated their business with social media platforms and gave themselves a fresh new perspective and a wider platform to showcase their brands. This not only helped them grow their business online but also helped developing trust and a better understanding among their clientele. There’s hardly any fashion brand that is not present on any of these social platforms; having a different strategy and feel at various platforms, almost every fashion label is now socially active.

Here’s a list of top 5 fashion brands using social media s their key strategy for effective marketing.

1. Burberry


Burberry is a very famous luxury British fashion brand. Despite being a big name in the fashion industry, they evolved with the expansion and addition of social media marketing. Now having more than 17 million fans following on Facebook and 3.01 million followers on twitter, Burberry is considered a very active fashion house on social media. In order to keep your social media marketing strategy productive, it is important to keep your pages and account interactive. Their social media marketing team always comes up with unique hash tags and other new strategies, to keep their brand active on the social media forefront, resulting in more traffic and conversion. Their unique hash tags like #ThisIsBrit and others are quite popular among their clientele.

2. Astley Clarke


Astley Clarke is an online accessory hub, they are all about jewelry may not be a big name in the fashion industry but a well-known name in online fashion stores. Astley Clarke uses their social media platforms to keep its clientele engaged. Their twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram are quite engaging and interactive. The social media marketing team is always active and working on finding new creative ways to stay in touch with their customers. With 9,122 likes on facebook, they keep them interested in their products by posting up mesmerizing pictures of their jewelry and other posts. Through these techniques they are slowly capturing their market in an effective way.

3. Sophie & Trey

sophie and trey

Sophie and Trey, is an online fashion store, featuring a wide range of women clothes. Sophie and Trey have been here in the online fashion industry for quite some time now and they have shown how instagram can be effectively used as a marketing tool by fashion labels. Their social media presence and activity is increasing day by day but what has been more engaging in terms of marketing is their instagram and pinterest page. The best part about their social media marketing strategy is that they keep on coming up with a friendly banter by using different techniques and constantly interacting with their fans and followers. They encourage their followers to hashtag their Sophie and Trey outfit. This not just, increases their sales but is helping in building up more clients. Not just instagram and pinterest the marketing king: Facebook is quite active. All of their social media platforms are very creatively engaging, keeping their fans and followers always active and sharing what they post. In just some time, the social media marketing team is doing really good in efficiently utilizing this marketing tool. Sophie and Trey is not just posting but keeping a connection with its clients, by constantly replying to any of their customer’s queries or complaints.



ASOS is an independent fashion and beauty store, offering a wide range of branded and some of their own signature products. ASOS is using social media as a productive marketing tool and have been very active with their facebook and twitter fan following. With the variety of products they keep their clientele happy and active by coming up with new ideas to interact. They have some of their very unique post ideas through which their number of likes and followers is not just increasing but also keeping them interactive. A well-devised social media marketing strategy is giving them a big name in online market.

5. Nordstrom


Nordstrom is an online fashion store, having everything from shoes, bags, clothes to accessories. Nordstrom has a very interactive twitter page, with around 470 K followers who are mostly quite active. Every post done on their twitter profile, receives about some replies or a 140 characters tweet praising them. When interaction and engagement of clients is a big part of effective social media marketing, getting a number of shares and retweets is as important. Nordstrom’s instagram is nonetheless as active as their facebook and twitter, with 471,977 followers who are kept connected by sharing, tagging and commenting on their pictures. Their giveaway posts and other competition posts are a way to show their clients how they care.

With the advancement in new marketing tools, it is very important for business owners to utilize this marketing tool smartly. These social media platforms will not just help boost your business but also keep you updated with what you client’s demands. In order to keep a connection with your target market you need to market through areas where they spend most of their time at. Social media as a marketing tool is gradually taking over conventional marketing tools, so it is important for an online business owner to keep a track on how to use this tool to maximum efficiency.

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