subscribe to newsletterThree reasons to put personality into your cufflinks

The cufflink has been a symbol of style for many centuries. Yet, it is only in recent times that it has really started to offer the opportunity for a truly personal touch. Now you can tailor your cufflinks, your tie pin and other items to create maximum impact. This has brought an extra edge to the ever-stylish cufflink. So why personalise your cufflinks?

1. Add something special

Personalising your cufflinks allows you to add a little something extra special to an outfit, for example on a wedding day. It lets you take the theme of an event right down to the finest detail.

2. Build credibility

Sporting cufflinks with your business logo is a fast way to build your credibility, for example at an important corporate event. It’s a strong, but subtle statement that shows you really have your act together.

3. Make a statement

The personalised cufflink is a spin on the traditional cufflink, giving it the power to surprise. You can personalise the cufflink to make a powerful statement about your loyalties or your attitude.

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