great first impressionsThe first impression is important. It’s the first stop on the journey of getting to know someone. It’s the beginning of a professional relationship. The first impression can also make a difference to the way you’re remembered. So here are three ideas for creating a great first impression:

1. Be distinctive

Being distinctive can be a quick route to creating a good first impression. One idea is to dress with every last detail aimed at helping you stand out. Think of important elements like cufflinks and tiepins. Why not personalise them with your own design or a favourite logo to boost your impact at special events?

2. Add the finer detail

The finer detail reveals you care. So make sure you include it. A great way to do this is to add a personalised set off cufflinks to your outfit when you’re attending an important work event.

3. Get the right finishing touch

Are you ready for those big occasions right down to the last detail? One way to add a unique finishing touch is to add cufflinks that are uniquely yours, designed around your design and taste.

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