All mums-to-be, whether they are first timers or are or having their third or fourth child, always get excited about the new baby and spend their entire pregnancy buying new things for the nursery and the new born and forget that they deserve something new too! You can’t live in baggy jumpers and sweat pants throughout your pregnancy!

Maternity fashion seems to be somewhat of an undecided topic for pregnant women, as half think it’s all frumpy and tent-like smocks where as the other half love treating themselves to a whole new wardrobe filled with all the latest maternity fashions. And the latter know best, as maternity clothing has come a long way in recent years, and as long as you follow our list of do’s and don’ts for maternity fashion, you will look and feel like the yummy mummy-to-be that you are!:

Don’t: Try buying non-maternity clothing in larger sizes. It will not work, it will make you look far bigger and rounder than you actually are, and won’t make you feel any more comfortable or attractive.

Do: Treat yourself to a new wardrobe of maternity clothing that fits properly. This will make you feel every bit as gorgeous as you are, and will not hide your beautiful pregnant figure and sexy curves under loose and lifeless fabrics. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on maternity wear either, when brands such as Seraphine UK offer all the latest fashions to fit pregnant women at reasonable prices.

Don’t: Give up on jeans just because you can’t button them up any longer, and again, don’t try buying them in bigger sizes because they may fit over your bump but they will hang off everywhere else. Not an attractive look.

Do: Get a decent pair of jeans made for maternity.  If you look in the right places you can find a quality pair for a reasonable price that will be comfortable throughout pregnancy, and still accentuate those pins!

Don’t: Give up on looking nice, no matter how large you feel! The pregnant woman’s figure is a beautiful and sexy sight to behold, and many women will find themselves jealous of it!

Do: Make the effort to look nice just the same as you would if you weren’t pregnant and feeling unattractive, and you will feel tons better. Keep making the small efforts like putting on make-up and doing your hair, and looking good on the outside can make a major change to how you feel on the inside.

 Don’t: Throw away your maternity clothing when your pregnancy comes to an end a


nd your figure changes. You never know if you might become pregnant again, and in the meantime why not put a maternity blouse on with a waisted belt and skinny jeans or wear that wrap dress tied a little tighter round the tummy?

Do: Donate maternity clothing to charity if you don’t want to wear it or save it for future. There will always be someone else who is pregnant and needs some maternity fashion ASAP!