When you are dressing up for the summers of 2012, you need the perfect fashion trends that you can follow. Shoes are always an investment pleasure for fashion lovers, and if you are aware of what is rocking the fashion runways, you must know the styles where you can invest safely. Listed are some styles statements for shoes that you would love to check this year without fail.

  1. Pointed shoes: Whether you are looking to add a new dimension to heels and wedges, you need to try the long list of pointed shoes that are out on the ramp and shelves. There are varied styles in action, and as such, pointed shoes are must haves in this summer.
  2. Platforms and wedges: Like it or not, wedges work big time for all kinds of dresses. While platforms do not find many admirers, some women like them as a nice and trendy alternative to heels. In fact, many fashion lovers consider wedges to be much more comfortable than heels.
  3. See through shoes: See through materials have been used in shoes time and again, though there weren’t many experiments with it. In the past, there were hesitations from most corners on use of vinyl in these shoes. You can buy such shoes and can be worn with evening gowns and cocktail dresses in style, and you can even try something in light shades.
  4. Laces are engaging everyone: When getting dressed is all about styling, you need to consider shoes that come with all kinds of lace designing. Laces are working large time for the summers of 2012, and therefore, you can invest in a pair of nice laced shoes that can add attractiveness to the legs.
  5. Use of metal based shoes: If you are a lover of fashionable footwear and want the same to last, then metallic shoes are extremely fashionable. Thanks to the shine and style, you will find a variety of ways to add these kinds of shoes. You can check metallic shoes online on popular e-commerce portals.
  6. Go bold with colors: If you thought of red, black and white to be the perfect shades of the summers, hold on! This season, you can experiment with all kinds of bold colors. You can try colors such as orange, pink, lemon green and many others. In fact, the use of neon shoes has also been in trend, so the idea is to play with colors as much as you can.
  7. Go ahead with buckles: Buckles kind of make us remember of the school shoes, but for 2012 summers, these are hottest style trends. If you are willing to get ahead of the fashion followers, check some buckled shoes that are designed to add glamour to all styles, including heels and wedges.
  8. Play with sea and pastel shades: While emerald green and blue have been rocking the designer charts for quite some time, pastel shades are also in action. If you love shopping and enjoy buying shoes in colors, this is the season when you can try many shades and styles. The pastel shades look feminine and never make you go over the top in any way.

With these shoes tips in hand, you don’t have any reason to choose the old trends. Be fashionable and stylish this season with these few trends that are working big time in summers of 2012.

Authors Bio: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger associated with ‘The House Of Elegance Fashion’ and is best known for her style picks and fashion trends observation. She has been checking the trends of dresses and shoes for a long time and has an extended exposure to the industry.