If you’ve ever been annoyed that dressing for work involved putting on shirt, coat, and pants separately, then the makers of the Suitsy are crowdfunding your dream. If, instead, you’re shaking your head and wondering why, you’re not alone.

The Suitsy’s Betabrand Crowdfunding page bears hundreds of comments, many expressing confusion at the need for — and benefit of — such a product.

Come on!
Since when did putting on a shirt, jacket, and pants become such a chore?

Some commenters also express concern that the unusual clothing item will bear more wrinkles and look sloppier than a regular suit. More pressing, perhaps, is the worry over how one manages to handle bodily waste functions while zipped into a one-piece outfit.

Developer Jesse Herzog responds to all those concerns on the page. To those who decry anyone too lazy to dress in three separate pieces, he responded, agreeing that the Suitsy is ‘perfect for lazy people,’ clearly listing this among the benefits of the suit. As far as wrinkles, he says he’s experimenting with different materials to address that issue.

For bathroom needs, the one-piece suit includes a separate zipper. For any bathroom needs not met by a front zipper — well, Jesse Herzog explains that himself, in the video below.

The Suitsy is still funding, and is only a little over halfway to the goal amount, but if that total is achieved in the next 16 days, the one-piece suit ships for free, and those funding it now can still make their purchase for 20% off of the planned retail price of $378.  Herzog assures that the suit is low-maintenance, needing only a wash and dry between wearings, but says it can be ironed if desired.

The Suitsy — is it the answer to a need for high-powered but lazy businessmen, or an abomination that shouldn’t be allowed in the office? The answer depends on how you feel about the phrase ‘office pajamas.’

Photo Credit: Suitsy Crowdfunding Page

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