In this day and age, smartphones are exponentially driving digital media usage. Photo centric applications such as Instagram and Snapchat have contributed to this revolution by creating new ways for users to share information.According to DigitalGov, 23% of millennials only use mobile deivices while the remaining 77% use multiple devices. This indicates that millennial is the generation with higher mobile usage rates than any other generation. Lifestyle platform such as Instagram and Snapchat have revolutionized the way users engage with the world.

Not only has Instagram and Snapchat transformed the way users interact with one another but allows them to report on major events such as: fashion week. The organizers of London Fashion Week have seen an increase in the usage of mobile applications. This time last year, during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, Fashion giants such as Burberry made history by being the first brand in the world to shoot and preview a collection on Snapchat. The fashion house gave a sneak peek of their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, 24 hours before the models walked the runway.This unprecedented event granted Burberry 60,000 interactions on Twitter. The brand re-invented all of their marketing tactics in order to target a younger demographic and stay relevant in today’s digital landscape. This incredible shift from print media to live-stream events have allowed brand like Burberry to make history in the digital market like no other.

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 was also filled with new tactics and mobile application interactions. NYFW had its own IOS app and live-streamed shows on Instagram and Snapchat. With the increasing use of mobile applications especially social media apps, designers such as Tommy Hilfiger have employed a “see now buy now” approach, in which clothes are ready for sale when they hit the runway. The designer applying the “see now by now” approach along with employing Gigi Hadid, one of the top models in the industry, proved to be a dynamic marketing strategy. The Tommy Hilfiger show was showcased through Snapchat with Gigi Hadid making backstage snaps. Tommy Hilfiger has increased its brand’s visibility by partnering up with an influencer and using mobile apps to showcase a collection directly accessible to consumers around the globe.

The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing illustrates how designers are attempting to stay relevant to the younger generation by creating new trends and parameters. Social media apps are changing the horizons of the fashion industry. Ten years ago Fashion houses will have never imagine that they will be able to massively target different audiences around the globe with a clip of a button on a mobile device. Mobile applications have created new parameters on how people interact and communicate. What will the future hold for the next generation of mobile applications? Maybe we will find out during the next Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018.