Traditionally, it’s women who have been considered fashion conscious and crazy about clothes; but these days it is clothes that make a man. These new age men are interested in style and the types of clothes they wear and love shopping for brands from Topman to Barbour Outlets to Prada. So to those gentlemen who haven’t quite reached that stage in their style roller-coaster, here are some helpful tips on how to dress well.

Don’t shop alone! Take a friend who is knowledgeable about fashion and style and use them as a guide to help to choose the styles and colours that are best suited to you. Choose about 4 or 5 staple colours for your wardrobe, avoiding anything too bright and remembering that neutral colours like black and white never go out of style. Give your friend permission to be absolutely honest with the clothes you pick. This starting point is about learning for yourself what you like and dislike as well as what suits you.

Fitting like a glove! Half the battle of shopping and clothes is making sure you have the right fit. Clothes that are too big make you look swamped and untidy and clothes that are too small and uncomfortable and make you look bigger than you actually are. Trousers should end at the top of your shoes and not dig in at the waist; shirts and jumpers should hug neatly, but give you room to breathe. Use your shopping buddy and get their opinion.

Putting it all together. It’s time to co-ordinate colours and styles, some looks will be easy like jeans and shirts which are timeless and neutral colours like black, white and brown will require a little less effort. Lay out the clothes before you put them on to be sure that they’ll go together and make multiple combinations of clothes so you get more style for your money.

When you start getting into brighter and more exuberant colours and styles that you may want a second opinion on your clothing combinations.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Time to get rid of those scruffy trainers you’ve worn a thousand times. Instead invest in some smart brown or black leather shoes, trainers of a darker hue and some casual shoes for everyday use .Don’t forget the socks to accompany your new footwear! Black socks are usually best but any dark colour will do, lighter colours start looking dirty and unappealing very quickly.

Don’t be afraid of unique menswear! Once you have the basics down and you’re confident of your growing style it is time to get a little bit creative and add some of your own personality to your clothing. Start with something small like scarves, bags and hats and work your way up to smart blazers and ties.

Do avoid any heavy, garish jewellery as this tends to look cheap and tacky, subtly is the key when it comes to accessories.

This post was written on behalf of Anna Davies who have a great range of outdoor clothing to suit both men and women including brands like Barbour.