Jewelry IdeasDifferent cultures have very different ideas about what makes great jewelry. In the western world, a wealthy man might expect an expensive watch as a present. In the eastern world, a hand carved bracelet or necklace might be more appropriate. Different people and different cultures have been creating jewelry for centuries. Here are some of the best jewelry ideas from around the world.

A Mix of Stones

Bracelets or necklaces made of different kinds of stones can look absolutely incredible. Different stones give off different colors and can be used together to create a very artistic or very classy look. You can use different stones to create patterns, to create visual effects or even just create an entire necklace with one kind of stone.

Many of these necklaces will have an emphasis on a center stone. For example, you might use small black onyx stones throughout the necklace and have the centerpiece of the necklace be a white colored gem. The black brings out the white’s color.

Earrings from Shells

These are particularly common among beach cultures. Go to Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, Greece or any other beach destination and you’ll find people selling earrings made of seashells.

Different seashells can create very different earrings. Some shells have a natural rainbow color to them. Others seem to glow, even when light isn’t shining directly on them. Still others bring intricate patterns.

Wire Wrapping Around Stones

Another global jewelry idea is using wire to wrap around precious stones and turning them into jewelry pieces. This can be used to create bracelets and necklaces and sometimes even earrings.

Just about any kind of stone can be wrapped with wire. If there’s a particular kind of stone you want to wrap, you can easily find a jeweler who’ll wrap it for you.

Gold Chains, Gold Bracelets, Gold Jewelry

Gold has long been recognized as a form of value. People have used gold to buy and sell things long before the advent of paper money. When gold is used in jewelry, it signifies wealth, beauty and magnificence.

Gold jewelry can be made from 100% real gold, or a lower grade of gold. Alternatively, some gold jewelry has just a small portion of the piece made of real gold.

Intricate Patterns

Using metal, string, stones, gems and other materials, jewelry artists can often string together incredible pieces of jewelry. They form delicate, gorgeous patterns that might look like hearts, flowing water, fire, fractals or any other assortment of shapes.

These intricate patterns can be turned into everything from necklaces to bracelets. Often time’s it’s not the materials that the jewelry is made of, but the actual design itself that makes it so valuable.

Leather Jewelry

Leather has a very different “feel” than metal or string. It’s more powerful and more sharp. A black leather bracelet sends a very different message than a cloth leather bracelet or a metal wire bracelet.

If you’re thinking of buying or making leather jewelry, keep its connotation of power in mind.

Feather Earrings

Feather earrings are especially common in cultures that are in touch with nature. Native American cultures, Hawaiian cultures and Peruvian cultures for instance all use feather earrings. Feather earrings can look great on both men and women.

Sometimes just a small feather is used as a decoration, while at other times a more symbolic, larger feather is used.

The Significance of Pearls

Pearls are known for their beauty and rarity in just about every culture around the world. They can be made into all kinds of jewelry.

Pearls come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Their value can range from just a few dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. The quality of a pearl is determined by its luster, its size, its roundness, its color and more.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is today recognized as one of the most beautiful kinds of jewelry in the world. Though the diamond engagement ring started out in the western world, it’s today recognized all over the planet as the jewelry of choice. Diamonds are great for all kinds of occasions, not just engagements.

These are some of the many different kinds of jewelry you’ll encounter throughout the world. Different cultures work with different materials, as well as different techniques to create jewelry that dazzles and amazes in all kinds of different ways.

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