Everything old is new again. This is certainly the case when it comes to vintage clothing. It can be a daunting task to find something new and fresh. Maybe that’s because there’s one place you haven’t looked yet: the past. Vintage apparel isn’t just a collection of fashion trends that have come and gone. Vintage clothing is a great way to embrace different styles and express your personality. Need a little more convincing? Here are ten reasons to take a trip back in time and wear vintage clothing.

1. It’s Green  – More than 2 million tons of clothing wind up in landfills each year. By adding a few vintage items to your wardrobe, you’re keeping landfills a little less cluttered. You also reduce your carbon footprint, since new clothes involve a manufacturing process and then need to be transported to the store.

2. Save Some Green – These days, the price of everything is going up. You can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars just to get your kids ready for back to school. A decent dress will cost more than $150. A good pair of jeans can cost more than $30. Vintage clothing is considerably cheaper. If you do a little searching, you’re likely to find some gems for half the price you’d pay to buy everything new.

3. Truly Unique Styles –  It’s hard to be unique when you’re wearing the same styles everybody else is wearing. Even if you find a new outfit you think is one-of-a-kind, you could walk into a party and find two other people with the same or a similar outfit. Express yourself in a way that is almost guaranteed to be unique from what everybody else is wearing. When it comes to fashion, sometimes it’s about rediscovering forgotten trends.

4. Inspire Others – If you put together a cute vintage outfit, you’re sure to have people asking you “where did you get that?” with enthusiasm in their voice.  Even if you give them the name of the shop you found your vintage clothing at, they’re not likely to copy your exact style. Plus, doesn’t it feel good to be a trend setter?

5. It’s an Investment –  Maybe that Member’s Only jacket isn’t going to be fetching millions at Sotheby’s any time soon, but some vintage items age like a fine wine. That designer shirt you found at a flea market just might fetch a pretty penny 15-20 years from now. Do a little digging in your own closet or attic. You just might have a few vintage treasures already in your possession.

6. Designed to Last – There’s a reason why a lot of vintage clothing sticks around for many years. There was a time when clothing was designed to last. You’re likely to find solid stitching and durable seams on most vintage clothing items. This means you’re likely to have your vintage clothes for many years.  Talk about a solid return on your investment.

7. Reinvent Your Style – Tired of your usual look? Why not change up your style with vintage clothing? Adding a couple vintage clothing choices to your wardrobe is an inexpensive way to show off your personality in a new way.

8. It Goes Well with Modern – You don’t have to give up your current style to enjoy vintage clothing. Many vintage items can easily blend in with your current fashion choices. In fact, people might just think you got a new outfit.  It’s up to you if you want to share your little secret.

9. It’s for Anyone – There is no age specification when it comes to vintage clothing. Anybody can add some vintage clothing to their wardrobe. All it takes is a trip to your local thrift store, a visit to a neighborhood yard sale, a stop at a vintage clothing store, or a trip to the attic.

10. Support Charities – Many vintage clothing stores donate part of their proceeds to local charities. You can feel even better about buying those bell bottoms and Ugg boots.