You’ve pored over colour charts and decided what theme your wedding day will have; the wedding rings have been selected and the suits for the groom and the groom’s party have been ordered.

But while the bride enjoys choosing a statement tiara and jewellery to complement her dress, there is no need for you to feel left out. Because you could also treat yourself to a special something that you can keep forever to remind you of the best day of your life: a pair of beautiful bespoke cufflinks.

Have the perfect cufflinks for your wedding design your own

Don’t just pop to your local boutique, though, and pick up any old pair. Your wedding day is far too important for that and every groom deserves a pair of artisan cufflinks for his big day.

Instead, why not design your own, personalised cufflinks – and even have some made for your best man, ushers and family?

There are so many choices: gold or silver, white gold or enamel, even fabric. There are as many designs as there are grains in the sand.

For a true one-off, you could have the initials of you and your bride engraved on enamel cufflinks that match the colour of your waistcoat and tie or complement the colour theme of the day.

Perhaps you could include an engraving of the date of your wedding, together with a romantic inscription? Can you imagine a sweeter keepsake or family heirloom?

You can choose any shape, too. True romantics might like hearts, but traditional squares, ovals, rounds or heraldic shields work well on wedding days, too.

If you are going for a traditional look, with morning suit or frock coat, waistcoats and cravats, plain silver or gold cufflinks will stand the test of time and add some élan to the look. Or how about creating a pair of cufflinks with your family coat of arms on them?

If you are opting for a modern, clean-lined look of a single breasted suit, then more contemporary styles will work brilliantly.

If you don’t want personalised cufflinks, what about adding a touch of class with a pair of fabric ones in your chosen colour theme? Just find a swatch of material in the right colour and expert designers can do the rest.

Here’s a tip: don’t forget the groom’s party, as they also deserve a pair of bespoke cufflinks or even a tiepin as a thank-you for supporting you during the day.

Gold or silver ones are perfect, but how about having their initials engraved on a pair of designer cufflinks? This thoughtful touch will be appreciated. Or you could design a pair of novelty cufflinks for them.

Esquire Originals prides itself on producing eye catching, bespoke and high fashion cufflinks. Come to us if you require expert design and artisan crafted cufflinks and tiepins for your special day. Whether you’d like personalised cufflinks or are happy to choose from our selection of designs, get in touch and see how we can help you. For more ideas, please download our eGuide How to choose and care for cufflinks.