wear a cufflinkThe cufflink. For many, many years, it has made its appearance at special gatherings of the well dressed and the very well known. Here are five ways you can make the most of the modern cufflink:


Go for the classic cufflink setting, whether it’s a wedding, a big birthday bash or a very special black tie event.

With a twist

Wearing the cufflink with a twist is about having an ensemble that is almost completely classic, then contrasting it with the final detail with a cufflink that deliberately clashes or stands out.


This is where you turn all the traditions of the cufflink upside down. That means wearing the cufflink in an expected way or in unlikely settings. The point is to get noticed for doing something fun and different.


Wearing the cufflink to a special date says that you see it is as a truly important occasion. There are so many styles to choose from that it is easy to find one that sends out a subtle message about your feelings!


Sport cufflinks in a professional setting and you could give yourself the edge. Cufflinks shout out to the world that you pay attention to detail and you value yourself enough to take the time to dress for success.

Learn how to choose and care for your cufflinks now in our eGuide The Style Lover’s Guide to Choosing and Caring for Cufflinks.