Amanda Seyfried at an event in 2009.

Last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the red carpet was filled with actors and actresses in a variety of fashions. Some of the stars stood out and were glamorous, and others wore dresses that were less flattering. There was a variety of different colors and a common trend in fashion for the night was having glitter or sparkle details in the dresses.

Amanda Seyfried made an appearance and looked stunning. She wore a dark blue dress that was very fitting around the waist and hips, but then it flared out at the bottom to have a mermaid effect. The dress had a sweetheart neckline and Seyfried had her hair down and flowing which worked really well with her dress and brought the look together. Jennifer Lawrence also wore a dark blue dress, but her dress was more of a navy blue. Her dress was also strapless and very fitted, but it was very simple. Jenna Fischer from The Office wore a black dress with gold sparkles. She looked very comfortable in her dress and it was flattering on her. Amy Poehler looked very classy in a black dress that hugged her body and had spaghetti straps.

However, there were some fashions on the red carpet that were not as flattering and glamourous. Busy Phillips wore a dark dress with long sleeves and a train. The dress showed off her baby bump, however, the dress was extremely simple, and made her baby bump too much of a focus. Naomi Watts wore a white dress with a lot of detail, but it washed her out a little bit because of her pale skin. Nancy O’Dell had on a turquoise dress with a sparkle design. And her dress would have been beautiful, but it had a very strange neckline. There was a part that went around her neck and over to the side and it was a strange look. Anne Hathaway wore a black dress where there was a layer that was above the knee, but then there was a lot of tulle that was longer. There was more tulle on the sides than the front.

Many stars showed off their fashions before the awards, some better than others. These are just a few of the actresses for the night, but these are some of the highlights because their fashions really stood out.

Image Source: Wikipedia