disco-dressing-trendsAre you throwing or attending a disco dance party and want to know about the latest fashion trends? If so, we’ve got some great news for you: disco fashions never change!  The disco era took place in the 70s and it is long gone—except in the minds and hearts of true party people everywhere!  When it comes to dance parties, disco parties are the most fun to get lost in the moment in time.  Dressing in disco fashion isn’t hard to do and what’s more, it’s likely to never change.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to adhere to the strict rules of disco fashion—feel free to throw in your own sense of style, using the trends of today and mixing them with yesteryear.  For example, you don’t have to dress in a disco ball dress, but you can accessorize with a disco ball handbag.  Or instead of wearing floral print bell-bottom pants, you can simply wear a floral print dress with a matching headband.

The Staples of Disco Fashion

Whatever it is you choose to do, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that there are some staples of disco fashion that you can either dive right into, covering yourself from head to toe, or use sparingly with your own outfit.  The bottom line is this: have fun!  Here are some of the main trends to keep in mind for your next disco party outfit:

  • Polyester is King.  Polyester might have been invented in 1953, but it took almost two decades to really catch on.  The comfort and breathability of polyester made perfect dance-wear. Rocking a polyester suit (think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or Freddie Mercury from Queen) is the ideal way for both guys and gals to dress at a disco dance.  It screams functionality and tackiness—two of the greatest things about dressing up for a disco dance!
  • Spandex is Queen.  Of course, most disco era women preferred spandex outfits, especially with headbands and roller skates.  If you’re going to a roller disco, be sure to deck yourself out in the shiniest, stretchiest, loudest spandex colors around.  Spandex is great for the hot disco dance floor because it dries quickly while pulling the moisture and sweat away from your body.  Plus, it allows you a free range of movement while leaving little to the imagination—sexy!  Look for Lycra Spandex dance leotards, pants and unitards.  Of course, most of the fashionable women of today already own spandex pants, a testament as to just how revolutionary and permanent the fabric is.
  • Slinky, Sexy Clothes and Dresses.  The 70s were right on the heels of the sexual revolution in the 60s and with the party atmosphere of loud music, flashy lights and good times, disco continued to play on that sexual explosion.  Designers such as Diane Von Furstenburg and Halston would rather be seen on the dance floors at Studio 54 than the runways of Paris because they knew that’s where the real show was at.  Go for dresses and clothing that hugs the body, keeping much in the same line of thought as spandex with the stretch fabrics.  Still, if you want real authenticity, go for Qiana, a silk-looking polyester that was the originator of Furstenburg’s wrap dress, a disco fashion icon.
  • Platforms.  Ah, the platform shoe.  One of the greatest inventions for the vertically challenged in the history of the world—and what a history it has.  Making its first appearance during the Renaissance Era, platforms went out of style in the 19th Century but then made a huge comeback in the 70s thanks to disco.   From your standard platform to the controversial “goldfish platform” (which contained a live goldfish that would have to survive your dance moves—which it never did), platform shoes made it easy to dress the part, but hard to dance it.  If you’re going for some authenticity here, try the humane version of the goldfish platform, which contains a plastic goldfish instead of a live one.  Or, just wear the platforms you have in the closet—we all do!
  • Accessories.  For all of the glam and glitz of the disco era, nowadays we look at it as pretty cheesy.  So when you’re looking to get your disco on, think cheesy.  Go with lame gold, sequins, fake fur, shiny fabric, loud prints, mismatched colors, big hats, bigger sunglasses—you get the picture.  Everything that you would never wear on a first date with your biggest crush, wear to a disco party.  The worse you look in the 2000s, the better you look in disco.

Be Comfortable and Have Fun

The thing to keep in mind here is that dancing is strenuous, but is meant to be a way to blow off steam.  The clothing makes the disco, so dress for functionality, for fun and for the era.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/FreeDigitalPhotos.net