daniel craig cufflinkA HARD AND RUTHLESS wrecking machine he may be but Daniel Craig’s 007 sure holds a soft spot for his designer cufflinks.

After just two James Bond films he’s destroyed…

  • More than seventy designers suits, each worth £3000.
  • Seven Aston Martin DBS, worth £165,000 a time
  • Umpteen high end Alfa Romeo cars.
  • Ten pairs of John Lobb shoes
  • Eight Omega Planet Ocean Titanium watches
  • Fifteen pairs of Persol sunglasses
  • Seven £4000 leather jackets by Giorgio Armani
  • Sixty Turnbull and Asser silk shirts
  • Four £6000 Brioni dinner suits…

Yet he hasn’t even damaged a single pair of cufflinks.

Despite countless death defying stunts and a moments of madness in his attempt to drag the Bond franchise into the 21st century, the actor’s cufflinks remained as pristine by both films’ ends as they were when filming commenced.

“There wasn’t a bookmaker in this land or any other would have given odds on those cufflinks surviving it all intact,” chuckled an insider.

“Dan really did look after those cufflinks, even when all else was being shredded and exploding to pieces all around him, he looked after them.”

That the actor loves his ST Dupont cufflinks enough to protect them so well is no surprise to those who understand the joy of owning such perfect jewellery.

Yet the tremendous boost given to custom cufflinks as high fashion because of the actor’s patronage has surprised many- even in the jewellery world.

The Daniel Craig effect has seen the sales of cufflinks rise by an estimated 300% worldwide since his suave secret agent first sported them in 2006 film Casino Royale.

His extremely well put together outfits, courtesy of the good gentlemen at Brioni and the great designer Tom Ford himself, has catapulted Craig to instant icon status in the fashion world.

Now many millions of switched-on gentlemen across the world have appropriated Craig’s look from sharply tailored suits to French cuffed shirts, all perfectly held together by silver or gold cufflinks.

Naturally the effect on the jewellery business has been dramatic. Designers and artisans have begun to produce many dozens of new designs to cater for the blossoming new market.

Aside from the many who have copied Craig’s ultra luxurious taste the market has also been boosted by those who prefer humorous novelty cufflinks bearing everything from cartoon characters to miniature computer keyboards.

Indeed the utterly versatile nature of cufflinks mean anything from an octopus cufflinks to a tractor to a Walther PPK pistol shape can be moulded to form the basis of designer cufflinks for men.

Craig himself is unlikely to take his styling down the novelty cufflink route but is surely enjoying the fruits of his labour in protecting his own exquisite versions.