Strong creativity can make for amazing fashion sense.

There is a heavy correlation between creativity and fashion, and the two are intricately intertwined. So first thing:What makes for creativity? 

Although creativity might seem like only a gift from God available only to some, it is in fact it available to anyone who understands it and chooses to tap into it. If someone wishes to explore things deeper and take it to a higher level, they might unlock the creative potential they never knew they possessed.

Anything fashionable requires creativity, and many fashion designers rely on it. I recently watched Isaac Mizrahi’s video on Fashion and creativity, and I found it intriguing.

Mizrahi  says; “There are so many images out there, so many clothes out there, and the only ones that look interesting to me are the ones that look slightly mistaken. Sometimes I think there is a hole in the dress that women is wearing and is looking cute. But when I get near to see, it appears to me just my vision mistake. But that thing becomes my inspiration to design something new.”

Check out this awesome video on his creativity with a unique medium:

Isaac Mizrahi makes a couture dress out of newspapers

This is my point. That is exploration, observation and imagination at its finest. If you explore, observe and imagine then surely you will be creative, and if you are a fashion designer, this translates into master piecing fabric into a beautiful dress. The good designers show creativity even while presenting the clothes on the runway shows. At The Chanel Pre-Fall collection, look how creatively Karl Lagerfeld presented the clothes and how creative he is. He’s never been to India, but yet created an Indian attire inspired collection!

Imagination is HUGE. How imaginative you are? Can you, for a while, imagine a folded piece of paper is a dress? If yes, then you are thinking creatively and feeling the delicate relationship between creativity and fashion.