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We all have a few bad beauty habits that we aren’t proud of. Women especially usually have one or two which they would prefer not to own up to but can’t stop doing. Here we list the top worst beauty habits and why they are so bad for you, it is a scary read!

Squeezing spots

Anyone who has suffered from a spot knows that it can be pretty irresistible not to try and squeeze it. Especially if it has come to a head and is looking rather unsightly in the middle of your face. The problem is however that squeezing spots, especially cystic ones can lead to far more trouble in the long run. However ‘squeezable’ a spot may look, trying to get all the contents out is pretty difficult and you could either rupture the skin which can lead to scarring or push the contents further into the skin which will make your breakout ten times worse than before especially if you have bacteria on your fingers which could enter the pore. Although it is hard, leave well alone when it comes to squeezing spots.

Biting your nails

Many people, especially men, bite their finger nails, some right down to the cuticle. Many also bite the skin surrounding the nail leading to painful sores. While this looks terrible and can give the impression of someone who doesn’t take very good care of themselves, it can also lead to many nail problems in the future. Biting the area and leaving open wounds can cause bacteria to enter very easily so infections are fairly common in nail biters, especially if your fingers are always in contact with objects known for being high in bacteria such as keypads and phones.


For many, there is nothing better than topping up their tan in ten minutes using electric sun. However, as has been widely publicised in recent years, there is a deadly danger to using sunbeds and one which means they are more than just a bad habit. A recent study, published in the BMJ links sunbeds to the most deadliest form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma and states that people who use sunbeds before the age of 25 are most at risk of developing the cancer later in life. On top of this, sunbeds have been shown to accelerate aging in the same way the suns rays do and cause pigmentation issues and skin photosensitivity in the future. Scary enough for you?

Not taking makeup off before bed

This is one of the most common bad beauty habits and can cause havoc to your skin. By leaving your makeup on all night you prevent it from ‘breathing’ and regenerating, something which your skin specifically does at night. Pores become clogged which leads to spots and comedonal acne on the skin, skin can become dry and irritated and look very dull and fed up. All this can be prevented by simply spending ten minutes each night taking care of your skin before you go to bed.

Over-plucking eyebrows

There was a time in the nineties when the fashion was to pluck your eyebrows into very fine lines, usually removing pretty much all of the orginal eyebrow. This has now left a generation of women with hardly any eyebrows as regularly over plucking will weaken the hair to the point where it gives up and doesn’t grow back. With the fashion now being for thicker brows, many woman have resorted to tattooing or pencilling in their eyebrows because their natural hairs have all but disappeared. Remember that when it comes to your eyebrows, a fashion trend will not last forever, and neither will your eyebrows if you treat them badly.

Using too many products

The beauty industry is now worth millions and rising every year. This means we have more beauty products on our shelves than ever before, all promising to give you the skin you have always dreamed of. Whether you have dull skin, dry skin, oily skin, aged skin or spotty skin, there is a cream out there that promises to eradicate all your worries. However, when you use too many of these products you can actually cause more harm than good to your skin. Product overload confuses your skin and irritates it to the point where it will start misbehaving. Allergies in the form of angry rashes appear and your skin doesn’t have a chance to breath and work on its own. It is best to use two or three products which have been formulated and not bring any others into the mix. Your skin will thank you for it.

Heavy Perfume

A really heavy perfume can be off-putting, yes it’s nice for someone to be able to smell you when they come close, however being able to smell you a mile off isn’t so great. The best approach is “less is more” you can always reapply your perfume as the day goes on. If you feel that you are wearing too much the best approach is to just give the areas that you have applied it to a quick wipe with a damp cloth.