The fashion industry is one of the fastest changing in the world. Every season there is a new trend and failure to innovate can leave your business well behind. The following companies have all made a difference in the industry, whether it’s showcasing a ground breaking product, giving back to the community or creating a unique business, all 10 are doing it right.


Let’s get the obvious out of the way. You can’t speak of innovative and awesome fashion companies and not mention Zara – they have totally transformed the fast fashion industry. They were one of the first to take the ‘stock very little approach’ by renewing their collections very frequently, usually developing new products every two weeks. It is a brilliant strategy which increases the chance of repeat customers and gives shoppers a sense of urgency to buy a product. Zara is one of the few companies which produces quality, innovative and fashionable products at a very fair price.

Better Life Bags

The unemployment rate in Detroit is at a dreadful 15.4% which is actually a big improvement from 2013’s 19.8%. Better Life Bags is doing their part, employing women in lower-income communities in the Detroit area to make quality and beautiful custom bags. They even donate 10% of every sale to a low income entrepreneur in a developing country. Their tagline is “Custom with a Cause” and the mission is to make lives better. I’d say they are doing an outstanding job.

Mud Jeans

One of the most sustainable models in the industry was introduced last year by a Dutch label – Mud Jeans. They use an excellent lease-return-lease business model, in their day-to-day operations. Their Lease-a-Jeans campaign allows customers for only €5.95 a month, to lease a pair of jeans and return them a year or so later. When customers return the Jeans, the company will recycle them into new items of clothing.

HATCH Collection

Before HATCH, maternity clothing was undesirable, something you wore only during your pregnancy and never again. The Hatch Collection is one that is chic and timeless, clothing that women will want to wear before pregnancy and after. This company is also an advocate for the “Every Mother Counts Campaign”, one which increases awareness for maternal and child health.


Although Editd is not a fashion brand, they have impacted the industry in a gigantic way. Capitalizing on the big data explosion, their software has become a staple for companies like Gap, Target and Asos, whose sales increased 37% in the last quarter of 2013. Editd is big data for the fashion business and they are helping everyone get the right product, at the right price, at the right time.


Having already been dubbed the king of t-shirts, Threadless lives up to the hype. Their innovative community experience is unique because it gives complete power to visitors of the site. Anyone can submit a shirt design which then goes through a user based voting contest. When you buy something from them, you are not only getting great art but supporting a great artist. As seen on their Twitter page, “You are Threadless. You make the ideas, you pick what we sell, you’re why we exist”, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Bib + Tuck

Big + Tuck is shopping without spending or as Co-founder Sari Azout says, it’s like “Sartorialist meets eBay.” Once you register, the site will allow you to buy, sell and even trade clothing items, a genius business model for today’s fast-fashion mentality. Simply list the items in your closet which you are willing to let go, receive Bib + Tuck currency (bucks) when it sells and spend it on items you actually want. Don’t worry about getting scammed, they have a strict policy which prevents fake items as well as discounted items and material that is showing signs of wear.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has received many awards for their terrific beauty products but they also give back to the community. They’ve given over 1 million dollars in grants through the Burt’s Bees Greater Good Foundation which started in 2007. The greater good is not just a business model but rather a way of life, which is why they use recycled materials whenever possible, don’t test on animals and never disclose ingredients. They really are the bees knees.


If you haven’t heard of Hointer, chances are that’s going to change very soon. Not because you are reading this article but rather because they are changing the way you shop for clothing. Hointer uses a robotic sales staff, breaking the traditional mold of how we shop. Here is how it works. This ground breaking technology has the ability to increase productivity while offering a much cooler shopping experience.

Nasty Gal

Festival fashion is a market which has grown tremendously over the last three years and Nasty Gal is capitalizing. They have turned risky, bold and sassy clothing into a fashion empire. Looking for some awesome clothing for Coachella, EDC or Tomorrowland? Nasty Gal has you covered.