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With articles cranking out every month titled “Generation Z Is Moving Away From Facebook,” or “Generation Z Could Kill Facebook,” or “Meet Gen Z: No Facebook, No TV, No BS,” you may believe that marketing your CPG or food and beverage brand on Facebook is a no-go. The real numbers, however, may surprise you.

Generation Z Buying Power

Already, Gen Z commands $44 billion in purchasing power each year, and that amount is set to grow as more “Centennials” leave home, get jobs, and make more of their own purchases. By next year, Generation Z will make up 40% of the population.

These are the reasons that so many brands clamor for a Gen Z audience, especially on social networks. Teens and new adults don’t react to traditional marketing tactics the way previous generations have. They grew up with the advertising Generation X and even Millennials thought was groundbreaking, like pre-video commercials, pop-up ads, and sidebar ads. More than half will block ads during their time online.

What’s a brand to do to get their attention?

Following the Brands

Believe it or not, Gen Z likes to follow brands on Facebook. They may have given over to other platforms for their social needs, like Instagram and SnapChat, but Facebook still draws teens and young adults to the brands they love.

In fact, according to Socialbakers, Generation Z follows brands on Facebook almost as much as Millennials do, with males tending to show a higher preference than females.

Why? Facebook gives brands the ability to share a lot of information in once place, such as brand storytelling videos, website links, reviews and recommendations from other customers, insight into how or why to use the products, and a place where they can communicate with both the brand and buyers.

It’s a one-stop shop for information gathering, and Gen Z still likes that.

Reaching Gen Z with Facebook

You can make a difference in your marketing with Facebook, but you’ll need to know the best way to reach Generation Z. While Generation X wants contests and deals, and Millennials are looking for behind-the-scenes brand stories, Generation Z has their own list of “wants” you’ll need to know.

Flash sales through Facebook Stories is a great way to remain engaged, as well as tutorial and unboxing videos. Generation Z also expects transparency and authenticity, so be sure to introduce your staff at all levels, show how the products are made and distributed, and provide testimonials that are honest and engaging.

Change the World

As an added bonus, help Generation Z change the world. They want to make a difference in society, so provide them the chance to advance social causes. Brands that have the noble edge tend to maintain bigger fan bases on social media, including Facebook.

We’ve seen some brands do this on a large scale, like TOMS Shoes’ and Warby Parker’s one-for-one business structure. Patagonia makes no secret that large percentages of sales go toward environmental causes. Even if your business isn’t structured with charity at the center, you can still provide Generation Z the chance to do some good through your brand.

Short-term campaigns with a charitable outcome can draw big attention on Facebook. Consider Walgreens and their connection to Red Nose Day, Share Our Strength and their collaboration with Arby’s, or FirstBook’s Soar with Reading campaign with JetBlue.

As with any product, no one generation can “kill” it, as long as brands are willing to adapt to the needs and wants of the new generation. The same is true for Facebook marketing. How will you reach teens and new adults with your CPG brand?

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