It’s been a long time since I’ve released a podcast. A year and a half to be exact.

So in this episode I will bring you up to speed on where I’ve been, what I was up to, why I am back and…

We’ll talk about the importance of being on Facebook.

It’s expected

No matter what channel your clients are on, you need to be active on Facebook. If you’re a B2C business, it should be a huge priority for you. If you’re B2B then LinkedIn should be a priority.

But no matter what, you need a minimal presence on Facebook. And if you do it right, it can really bring in big results. As in revenue from new and repeat business.

Whether Facebook is a priority for your business or not, you must be there. I remember preaching the same thing to local businesses many years ago about needing a website. And I used to get asked if they really needed a site from a majority of skeptical local businesses.

Proven fact

Today, no one would think about starting a business without a website. It’s like doing your taxes. Every business knows they have to have one.

Well, same goes with Facebook. But Facebook is different. You don’t just set it and forget it. You have to constantly post content.

It doesn’t have to be something you spend hours on. But every few days, at a minimum, you need to be publishing something. Pictures, videos, written. You absolutely MUST have regular content that shows your a real business.

Why? Because your prospects will go there to check you out. More and more we are seeing that consumers look at multiple places when researching your business.

And Facebook is at the top of the list. If you’re not there posting regularly you will look like you’re not a real business.

Potential clients will ask Facebook first

Plus, more and more people turn to Facebook to ask for recommendations. And it isn’t just for a good restaurant or nail salon. People looking for pretty much any product, B2C or B2B ask their communities for a recommendation.

They do it on their private news feed to their friends and in groups. And there’s not much of a way you’ll see that they asked for that recommendation unless you happen to be their friend or in their group.

But what you can do is be super active on social and engaging with your community. Then when someone asks for recommendations for what you do, it’s easy for them to refer your page.

Now the more active, fun, educational, interesting you make your Facebook page, the more people will be drawn to it. So make sure your Facebook page is professionally created and that you post at least twice per week.

How to guarantee your page posts show up

The problem with Facebook today is their algorithm makes the chance of your audience seeing page posts almost impossible without paying for ads. And you should consider a small budget but…

Here’s a way you can help your audience see you: Make sure they have ‘See First’ selected and they get page post notifications. Here’s how:

See first


Notification on


What’s your reason why?

Ask your audience to do this… but you have to have a great reason.

The reason all comes down to them. Ask yourself why should they see your stuff first? And the answer better be good because you’re competing with their family, friends and all the other things they want to see.

What they don’t want to see is you pitching your service or talking about yourself. They want what they want. Find out what that is and give it to them on your page. Then let them know if they want to make sure they actually see all this amazing content, they need to see first and get notifications.