With Facebook advertising becoming more popular it’s important to find a company that knows what they are doing and can get your business the results you’re looking for. Finding the right agency can be hard and not every Facebook advertising company is the same so keep an eye out for these key qualities.


One of the most important things to look at when choosing a Facebook advertising agency is whether their clients are seeing results. Specifically, you want to see results in your industry. It’s important to make sure they understand not only your business, but your overall marketing needs such as target demographics, goals, and competitors. Most of the times these agencies will share their case studies so make sure you check out their statistics on how their client Facebook ads are working. Also, check out their reviews- Do their clients rave about them? Do some research on the agency before you go all in. You want to see that their past and/or current clients have positive experiences and approve of the agency’s performance.


Look for a Facebook advertising agency that can handle both the creative and technical side of your marketing. One that is flexible with the options they offer so that they fit your advertising needs. Facebook offers so many advertising options so go with an agency that is capable and has experience with all the ad options. Facebook advertising is one of the most successful ways to advertise so it’s important to see growth from the advertising. Ask the prospective agency if they have the flexibility to analyze and adapt your campaign along the way to optimize your results.

Customer Service

When outsourcing an advertising agency to help your audience grow you want to look for one that feels like they are apart of your internal team. Your business and the Facebook advertising agency are building a partnership. Being able to communicate and be as involved as you want is important. Search for an agency that offers open communication and truly has your businesses best interest at heart. Don’t be shy to communicate your goals, ideas, and provide feedback. This way they can understand and tailor your Facebook ads to your needs. Whether your advertising goal is long term or short term, you want to be able to trust and rely on the agency you are working with.

In conclusion, don’t cut corners or try to take any short cuts when it comes to Facebook advertising. Take the time to list out all your must-haves when considering Facebook advertisement and do your research on all the possible and credible agencies. Trying to find the cheapest options isn’t always the best option and can cause you to spend more money than needed. Facebook offers an abundant opportunity for growth over their network with advertising. So really narrow down the agency that is willing to provide their clients with effective acquisition services and trackable revenue.