Facebook is an absolute minefield when it comes to optimising marketing. But there are a few essential aspects that, once understood, add more value to your efforts.

It can be difficult to get consistent results from Facebook as a brand, but there are a few things that marketers could do with understanding if they are to get the most out of the platform. These essential aspects are outlined below.

Creative Hub

This particular aspect of Facebook marketing cannot be taken for granted. Essentially, it is the perfect place to test ads, and anyone with a marketing budget knows how important it is to test ads out.

It’s an opportunity to mockup ads and play about with and test a variety of different ad types. You can really have fun with it too, with options to see ads on any device and therefore understand how they present and what kind of impact they have.

The Creative Hub also allows you to create mockups of Instagram Video ad content too. This makes it incredibly flexible. It just allows marketers to reduce errors, and to know exactly what they are sending out to audiences.

Campaign Budget Optimisation

Ad campaigns are hard work. At the same time, they can be unpredictable. You could have one campaign that goes well, and then a few days later it starts to fall down. Another one may find traction with a certain audience segment while other campaigns flounder.

This is not a pretty situation to be in and it can cost you money as well. However, Facebook brought a feature out some time ago that some marketers are still not aware of, and it can really help to ensure your budget is handled in the best possible way.

Marketers set one campaign budget across ad sets. Then Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) manages the budget, making sure that money is spent on ad sets that are effective, and not on under-performing ad sets. It’s ridiculously simple, and it can help your marketing achieve the best when it comes to ROI.

With CBO, Facebook makes it clear that it will spend the most money on ads that work. And because Facebook has the data immediately available, it gets results.

Facebook also feels that CBO takes a lot of work out of the lives of marketers, and that makes sense. Not having to monitor the success of ads means that you can focus on other aspects of the marketing roles.

Making use of connections

Connections are obviously the lifeblood of any marketing campaign that you run. And using their loyalty and engagement effectively translates into marketing success.

Basically anyone connected to your Facebook page can be reached through the Connections feature with Facebook ads. It’s a form of segmentation, and it means that marketers can:

  • Target people who like your Page
  • Target friends of people who like your Page
  • Target people who have responded to Events you have

Connections also allow you to put together combinations of different people who are connected to your account. You can play around with it and build campaigns that optimise the loyalty and engagement that your connections have with your brand.

Automated Rules

Our final feature that we feel every marketer needs to know is Automated Rules. Here, marketers can completely automate what happens when campaigns are running. The real power comes with being able to activate campaigns when required and according to certain conditions. The same goes for pausing and ending campaigns.

There are many different factors and variables here, including the ability to change budget allocations, and to change action frequency. It rewards a deep-dive approach, but once you get stuck in, it can revolutionise how you handle your marketing.

Facebook marketing can be an absolute minefield, but looking at the above actions on a regular basis should allow you to get more out of the process, and show more profit moving forwards.