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VH1 Pulse Brings International Music On Facebook

The music fraternity of VH1 is out again with its love of music and the intention to share the love with the Music Community. VH1 India has launched VH1 Pulse, a Facebook app that constantly streams international music on Facebook for fans¹.

Welcome Vh1 Pulse!

VH1 Pulse Facebook app

Powered by Hungama.com, VH1 Pulse is a music streaming application that showcases VH1′s Top Featured Albums and also gives the audience to build and share their own playlists. With VH1′s own family hand picking the playlists complete with English Songs, the audience is able to select their favorites from the lot. Making life easier for the audience, the songs can either be searched by track or album name or can be found under one of the 8 categories – New, Hit Factory, Gold, Dance 101, Classic, Rock Rules, Head Bangers Ball and HipHop Hustle.

VH1 Pulse Facebook app

Then you have the most sought after social aspect of the app – sharing. As I can curate own playlists, the same can be shared with my Facebook friends.

There is also an option for me to invite over my Music Junkie friends via the Invite Tab on top of the page. Another option I truly loved in the app was the option to know what my friends were listening to and also which songs are being heard by the community. In the “Tuned In” section, we can also take a peep into the songs being heard live by the community. And yes, along with that, Vh1′s Top 10 Played list is also shown to give the audience a good idea on the most played tracks from the collection.

We can up-vote or down-vote the songs we hear, though there’s a doubt in my mind as to whether this would help in the lists being curated to my interests. Doesn’t seem possible though.

From a layman’s point of view, I definitely loved the whole experience. The UI is pretty sexy and all the above said options are easy to find and self explanatory. VH1 is just giving its community what the community asks of it – Music! And especially people like me who though have a taste for music but don’t usually set out in search for the best albums out there, Vh1 Pulse comes in as a blessing in disguise.

Television channels getting closer through Facebook

TV channels streaming music on Facebook is a trend that is fast catching up. Previously we had Zoom and Bindaas doing the same on Facebook for two clear reasons – 1) To increase engagement on Facebook brand pages, and 2) Bridging the gap between social media and TV.

It was Zoom TV that initiated the trend last year when it launched Facebook app, Go Zoomit. The objective was to involve the Facebook fans so that they can dedicate songs to their Facebook friends which would be played on TV during the weekend show. Later on UTV Bindaas also launched a similar app called “Bindass Facebook Jukebox” app for it’s more than 2 million Facebook fans. The Facebook app allows you to vote, comment and dedicate to your Facebook fans. These interactions on the app are then pulled and showed on television from Monday to Friday between 5 P.M. – 7 P.M.

In comparison to the above two, VH1 Pulse is more of a personal player along with the social element but will it also think of connecting to the TV like Zoom and Bindaas. Not sure if the channel has such plans but speaking to MediaNama, Rajneel Kumar, Viacom 18’s VP & Business Head, Digital Media stated that the brand plans to launch a VAS-based music product next month.

Do give it a try and let us know your views on listening/sharing music on Facebook or if you prefer the music streaming sites like Gaana, Saavn, etc.