Targeting Facebook Ads to a specific demographics is ideal if your promotion or campaign is directed at a specific audience. It is likely that you’ll want to target most of your ads in one way or another.

There are many targeting options available:

  • gender
  • relationship status
  • age
  • likes
  • interests
  • workplace
  • education
  • broad interests
  • connections
  • precise interests

Are you marketing rings to men wanting to propose to their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day? Well then there’s really no point to targeting anyone with a “single” relationship status on Facebook. If you target a more specific audience, you are more likely to advertise to people who are more likely to be genuinely interested in the product or service.

There are two groups to target your ads to.:

  • Target users with the Precise Interests feature. In this field you can enter your competitors’ names and target their Facebook fans.
  • Target based on Broad Categories. This includes Marital Status, wider interests like “Food & Drink” and “Jazz/Blues” music.

Keep your audience to approximately 100,000 people – this is the optimal size of a group that you want to target.

  • If you’re over 100,000 fans: Limit the ages and geography to your most targeted groups and decrease the number of Precise Interests you have selected.
  • If you’re under 100,000 fans: Add more Precise Interests to target a larger number of users who have interests related to your business/industry.

Are you looking to target single people? You can target their age along with relationship status. This would work well for a nightclub or for dating services where you have to be a legal age in order to join. Consider targeting their interests (dancing, bars, etc.), their relationship status, and age to start.

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