If you’re a business owner, what would you rather have? All of your files spread out in different filing cabinets in different offices, or all of them collected in a central hub filing cabinet? Chances are you’d prefer to have them in a central hub, that way you know where they are and are read to be accessed.

This is what Facebook’s new business manager tool allows you to do with your business Facebook pages.

Long gone are the days when you had different log in info for various pages or everyone in the office sharing the same log in info to access your business page. How about having to wind through the maze to simply give access to a new user? Thank goodness those days are well over.

Now with the business manager tool, you can link all of your business pages and access them from one central hub, which of course, is your personal account. Yup, let it sink in. That’s right. No longer do you have to create fake profiles to manage accounts, pass the login info on to everyone in the office and deal with all the headaches.

You also have the advantage of having access to all business ad accounts in one central location. I think you’re probably starting to get the big picture of why Facebook made this change.

It’s all about accessibility and making it easy for the users, who in this case, are the business owners. You can also assign roles in a much simpler fashion, rather than having to click through a bazillion pages. Instead, simply click on the settings tab, click on page roles on the left and you can invite anyone who has a Facebook account to manage your business page by entering their email address. It’s that simple!

So if you were forced to make the change back on Oct. 1 to the new business manager account, don’t be angry. It was only created to make things easier.

If you’d like to learn more, take a quick look at the short video above on the advantages of Facebook’s new business manager account tool.